Tool to Download ALL of your Photos FREE From Pack!

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Barked: Sun Jan 26, '14 2:35pm PST 
I received an email from Megan, the founder of Pack this week. The generous team at Pack have created a tool to make it easy for Dogster and Catster members to export their photos to their own computers in 5 seconds! Yes, Pack made it, with no strings attached and no account needed at Pack. They did it just to help us all out!

Dogster and Catster Download

cheercheercheerYAY PACK!!!cheercheercheer

I've been a member of Pack for a while now and posted Beasley's Pack profile last week in the Dogsters and Catster Need a New furever Home thread in this Group.

Pack is a new social-petworking site located here in San Francisco. Right now its mostly a place to post photos and follow dogs, but I hear they have plans for Forums and other Community features. Who knows, maybe even a place for cats!

About Pack:
We believe there’s something magical about dogs and the people who love them. That’s you.

Pack is on a mission to capture that magic. We want to make it fun to celebrate and share the experiences we have with our dogs.

We are a small team of veteran entrepreneurs building something we wish existed.

Pack is just getting started. Thanks for being here at the beginning.

hugThank you Packhug

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