Hi I'm Sydney

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Barked: Sun Mar 11, '12 2:49pm PST 
I am Sydney a 6 month old hound mix. I now live in Florida and came from a shelter in Alabama. I love my new home and my new mummy and daddy give me lots of things to chew on including shoes. I also go to Camp bow bow during the week and play with my new friends.

I think I am making this my new home because I started barking at people walking by my house through the same window my step brother Pokey used to do.

Ain't nothing- but a hound dog.
Barked: Sun Mar 11, '12 8:04pm PST 
Hey I'ma hound dog too! I'll send you a pp request!big grin

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '12 12:47pm PST 
welcome Sydney! Glad to hear you have a loving new home puppy


Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Tue Mar 13, '12 9:11am PST 
welcomeSydney. We love new pups. We were pals with Pokey as well. Pal request on it's way.wave