Can't comment on blog. Help!

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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 2:28am PST 
I used to be able to comment on the dogblog posts but about a month ago my comments stopped showing up! I tried posting my comment again and it said I had already posted that so I refreshed everything, even waited a couple days and tried again, other people's comments showed up but none of mine did. I already missed out on one contest and just commenting for fun on others.

Work? What's- that?
Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 3:53pm PST 
Yeah that happens to me, too, now. I just kinda gave up.

Barked: Fri Nov 18, '11 7:57am PST 
It won't even let me comment, there's no little 'comment on blog' thing for me. shrug


Eternally in- love with- Katie...
Barked: Fri Nov 18, '11 8:14pm PST 
Natcho, check the log-in bar at the top of the page to see if you are logged in. wink