Ethical to make account despite no dog yet?

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Barked: Sun Nov 13, '11 11:59pm PST 
Welcome, Casey wave PPR on its way dog walk

I made Onyx's account when I put a deposit down with his breeder before his parents were even bred puppy

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Bruno CGC

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Barked: Mon Nov 14, '11 6:18pm PST 
I'm a little late on the original question, but I think it's okay to do at the point you know EXACTLY what dog you're getting- they are yours, but just not with you yet. Like Onyx knowing that she would get a pup from that exact litter even before they were born.

I think it's cheating though, if you don't have a specific dog in mind. Stealing photos from other websites to make a profile of your imaginary dog is a BIG no-no.

Another option is to make a profile for a dog you know (like a friend's or family member's pooch) but is not yours, with their permission. After all, it is a real dog, and that's what Dogster requires- profiles are for real dogs only, it doesn't say it has to be YOUR dog, does it? I know there are active dogsters on these forums doing that sort of thing.
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Barked: Mon Nov 14, '11 9:02pm PST 
I have a profile for a dog I did not own on here (Mikey)... IIRC I asked people on the forums if they thought it was ok to do before I made his profile. I made it as a tribute to him because I really loved Mikey and felt like he was almost my dog (he stayed with me whenever his owners went out of town.)

I also kept the profiles for some of my foster dogs who I rescued as strays. I put the profile up when they were looking for homes to help find a home but I didn't delete it when they were adopted, if the new owner didn't want the page transferred to them I kept it up with "past foster dog" or "adopted" or something like that added.

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