Loaded backgrounds aren't showwing up

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Ain't nothing- but a hound dog.
Barked: Sun Nov 6, '11 12:01pm PST 
Exactly what the title says. I loaded a background and it wont show up.

Eternally in- love with- Katie...
Barked: Sun Nov 6, '11 2:45pm PST 
Kc, there is no user-added code showing in the HTML source code for your page. Assuming you didn't just forget to save after adding your background code, I suspect that you neglected to click the little box that says "Show in profile". Go back to edit your profile, make sure the code appears in the bio field box, click to mark the field as "Show in profile", and save your changes... then see what happens when you reload your page. smile

Edited by author Sun Nov 6, '11 2:46pm PST