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Barked: Tue Oct 11, '11 9:48am PST 
I am looking to add a guest book to a group and have found out Slide is no longer available. Does anyone know of a different one I can try? Checked with the furs in Pawesome Pages and they haven't heard of any yet. Webster made a generous offer to re do the code for me but I no longer have the code. Thanks Web♥

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Barked: Sat Oct 15, '11 6:32pm PST 
Hi, Lexi! wavewave

I get yelled at whenever I try to dig in my favorite spot under the picnic table, so I decided to do a little digging for you instead.

I started out with a simple Google search for "guestbook widgets". As usual, there were bazillions of hits but I just looked at those on the first page and skipped over those that obviously applied only to certain sites or were intended for web developers to include in the programming for their sites. For the remaining possibilities, I did a very quick check to see if they didn't also fall into those categories.

Here are a few pages you can investigate further to see if they might be useful for inclusion on a Dogster/Catster pet or group page:

Guestbook (Comment box) Gadget for iGoogle.com - homepage / blog widget
The title is a bit misleading; the page also offers code for use on sites other than iGoogle.com - you'll find the code in an edit box on the page, from which you can copy it to paste into your FunStuff or group page HTML box.

Widgipedia Gallery of Guestbook Widgets
This page offers HTML code for four differet guestbook widgets.

Guestbook Widget Listing on Widgetbox
Here are 14 guestbook prospects (shown 10 per page), listed in order by popularity. The first one, the "Say Hello! Guestbook Gadget", which is also shown on the Widgipedia page, is far above all of the rest in popularity, so it seems like a logical first choice to try.

I have not tested any of these myself, nor even dived deeply into all of the individual sites/pages. Some of them may still be designed for use on specific sites or have some conditions that make them undesirable. I did not see any mention of money, so I believe they are all freebies but I can't be sure.

If you find something you like but have trouble getting it to work, bark back and I'll see if I can help. And if you find something that works for you, please come back and let us all know about it... to use one of your favorite phrases, "Paw It Forward"! big grin

Spreading Smiles- Wherever I- Go....
Barked: Sun Oct 16, '11 3:50am PST 
Awwwwww thanks Webhug You are welcome to dig for me anytimebig grinbig grin

I'll check these out later for sure and let you know what I think/find out.

Thanks for always helping out and watching my back sweet Furiendhug And What A wonderful PIF'er you are♥

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sun Oct 16, '11 5:58pm PST 
I hadnt forgotten you either Lexi.

I have also been digging around... and like Webbie can find plenty of "talk box" type ones.

So far...... I have found nothing to match what Slide had.. Its a great shame..

Still looking......

Also still looking for the kind of slide shows they had.

Best so far are the ones Photobucket do.

For that... go to your Photobucket.. click TOOLS. and slideshow maker is in Creative Tools.

Still also looking for better.