Technophobe here, anybody care to help?

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Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 5:55am PST 
I know it says that I am a guest but I have already signed up and am having trouble.. he-he.
Sadly I can't upload a picture for some unknown reason, anybody care to help? haha!
I just want a step by step what I actually have to do.. I have searched the forums but I haven't come across anyone asking this specific question so sorry if it already has been asked red face
Really want to show off all 3 of my pooches Kizzy, Freya and Frodo.

Kizzy, Frodo & Freya's Doggy Slave. XO

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Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 8:59am PST 
I think with the new server upgrade that Dogster just did, that Dogster has "fleas" again and uploading pics is one of them. So just hang tight while they fix that issue!