What am I doing wrong

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Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 10:17am PST 
I've registered and I log in with my name and password and it still shows me as a guest and wont let me add photos of my dog.. it says I don't have a dog added.. well I've added her.. I must be doing something wrong.. can someone help me because I would love to show off pictures of my Miley smile

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Barked: Thu Aug 11, '11 4:05am PST 
Have you tried clearing all cookies from your computer?

I wonder how it looked when you were uploading your dog picture. Maybe the picture was too large for the server and it didn't take?

I think that I remember that when one signs up, one ends up on a page stating something about your new page. If you didn't get a conformation about your upload, maybe try again?

I'm not sure how t contact HQ, but that would be your next step if you can't get your account set up. Maybe keep an eye out for a moderator in the forums? Hopefully someone will come along shortly who knows a little more then I do. Welcome, keep at it, we want to see your pup as much as you want to show him off.