My dog is at the Bridge.How do I stop his age from going up?

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Bowser Tyke- 1998-2011

Mama's Boy Child
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 2:35am PST 
Today is my Bowser's 13th b'day,but he's at the bridge.How do I stop the Dogster counter on his profile page from going up each year? My other Bridge pups are stopped. What do I have to do?

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 6:28am PST 
wavewave Bowser Tyke!

Go to My Account; Pet Page; Modify Bio; Story - then click on..Bowser is no longer with us...and you can enter a date if you so wish....

So saddened to hear you have made your journey....hughug