Open Letter to All New Dogsters

This forum is for Dogster members to seek and share advice to enhance participation and make the most of the features offered on the site. If you need assistance with your Dogster account, or require technical support, please contact Dogster Support directly by way of the Contact links located at the bottom of each page on Dogster. Additional help is available at FAQs.


Where's that- rabbit?
Barked: Sat Apr 23, '11 7:59am PST 
Welcome to Dogster. This is a fun & informative place to hang out & find information on all things dog. Opinions are always welcome, but please take the time to read Dogster's guidelines. You may find you disagree with another member. That is fine. Please do not resort to name calling or belittling if you do. Calling people irresponsible owners, or demeaning veteranarians is just downright mean. It is not a personal attack if some one disagrees with you, so please do not attack them back. The moderators here try to look at all threads, but also rely on Dogster members to let them know if a thread/post is not in the spirit of Dogster. Please read your posts before you hit submit to make sure it says what you mean it to say in a thoughtful, not inflammatory way. That way you will have a much more enjoyable experience here.

Carnivorous- Slobbius
Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 10:49am PST 
Hi Wiley! wave Welcome to Dogster!