Hey Everybody!

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Trouble,- Trouble,- Trouble...
Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 9:40am PST 
Hey guys just wanting to say hey, were new to the forum smile

I've always had plenty of attitude!

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 10:00am PST 
Hi Tobi! Welcome balloons
You look like Don Cherry's Blue! Have fun sniffing around the forums. Don't be afraid to *lift your leg if you have something to say, bol!laugh out loud
Sally Beaker-

Professional- Bone Horder
Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 4:30pm PST 

I hope you know that you are just too adorable!


Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 9:20am PST 
Hi Tobiwave
Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

Big Head. Big- Heart.
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 6:49pm PST 
YOU ARE SO STINKING ADORABLE!!! cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9

Trouble,- Trouble,- Trouble...
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 9:27pm PST 
wave Thanks everybody for the welcomes!

Snazzy Jazzy~
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 9:58pm PST 
Hi Toby,. You are just darlin,. Is this the place the trickters hang out? How in the barkin good grief, do I clear my bio field,. I have been grrr, tryin for sometime now,. and can't seem to get the swing of it,. Used to be able to do it,. shucks.

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Sat Mar 12, '11 2:27am PST 
cheer Tobiwavewave

Wow! and you can post a picbig grinbig grinbig laugh It me furever to figure that one out!big laughbig laugh

Pal request sent!big grinbig grin

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Holly Belle

I dream of- Doolin Kingsley
Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 3:06am PST 
Oh, I just want to KISS - THAT - FACE! What a cutie - WELCOME! wave
Lexi Hope

Mamma\'s little- attitude girl
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 5:43am PST 
Tobi...hey welcome to you and your humans~~~wave
So you have plenty of attitude huh? You should meet me, I have a bit of a "tude" too but not all the time.
You are a cutie like everyone else said.
Welcome from me and my sibs, Demi and Billie and our mom! You'll have fun here!