Pup-Pal Requests?

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The Boys

Two Wild And- Crazy Guys!!!!
Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 7:14pm PST 
Hmm. For some reason I can not see any PPRs on my acount page. Really anything related to pup pal request like previous ones and accepted ones. They are just not there! Please help!

Divas can get- dirty too !
Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 8:21pm PST 
They aren't showing on ours either shrug

Why run when you- can hop??!!
Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 6:25pm PST 
Hmmm. I am not sure if it's a flea or something on purpose!thinking I hope not, I miss my pup pal station!


Barked: Wed Mar 2, '11 1:03pm PST 
Anyone find out whats wrong? Some pups have the PPR box and others don't. shrug

I might be small- but i have big- idea's
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 4:46am PST 
Mine vanished as well i made a pup request and that didn't show up either then after a week the ppr section turned up again shrug