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Belle The- Snuggle Monster
Barked: Sat Feb 12, '11 7:37pm PST 
Wooooof! Hello, I am Belle. I took over ryeting for m-eye o-ner (her name is Amy) I am a 4 year old feemale American Cocker Spaniel. I like to lownge about, and get lots of snuggles and treets. My o-ner tells me I have begging puppy eyes, and that's what usually gets me all the attenshun, so I am thank full for that! I LOVE walks. Walk walk walk! I could do that allll day. I have got energy, but wright now it is cold, and I do not like walking in it. Sometimes I only go outside to do my thing, and then I run as fast as I can back up to my warm house. I have a hu-man that is my best friend. She is going to be 3 soon, and I love laying on her bed with her, watching cartoons. They are pritty funny. Mostly I like to just be close to her, and I can fall asleep while she plays with my ears. My o-ner tells me that my human is "awe-tis-tick" I do not know what that means really, except that she is shy and tries to spend lots of time alone. My job is to all ways protekt her and keep her safe, and it makes me happy smile I like having a job. Anyways, I should probably go now, it was nice to write on this. It is fun nee, my owner didn't think I wood be able to, because I don't have opposable thumbs but I think I did pretty good smile

I might be small- but i have big- idea's
Barked: Sat Feb 12, '11 8:39pm PST 
Hello Belle and welcome just sent you a PPR.wave

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Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Sun Feb 13, '11 6:36am PST 
wave Bellwave

Pal request sent!big grin


mischief is my- middle name
Barked: Mon Feb 14, '11 3:00pm PST 
Hi, Belle, welcome to dogster! wave