My first post

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Lai Fu

Barked: Wed Dec 8, '10 6:20am PST 
Hello, guys, I am new to dogster and this is my first post.I am here to share some stories about my dog.

Years ago, I lived in the countryside. One day, my aunt gave me a dog whose body is solid white.As a matter of fact, the first time I saw it, I really thought it's not that beautiful and cute.Sometimes I thought it was a little bit tiresome.This was my first impression on it.But as time went on, I found it was so cute, when came back home from school,it always wagged its tail and wanted to lick me and everytime, I pushed it away........
I didn't know when that started, it went on dating with another male dog and got pregnant.You know what, many days later, it gave birth to quadruplets right under my bed.I still remember three dogs are brown and the other was monochrome(majority of the fur was black).They were so cute and I love the monochrome one,maybe because it was different from others and I call it Xiaohu which means tiger in Chinese.Later on, the quadruplets were all adopted by different people, leaving their mother stayed with us. I felt upset.
About after 1 year, the mother died from food poisoning.It came out and got something bad to eat and .. . . the tragedy happened.

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