We're all Canadian...eh!

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♥- DEOGIE- ♥

Born a dog but- turned into a- gentleman.
Barked: Mon Oct 18, '10 8:22pm PST 
Canadian here as well.
Pepsie "EH" is often used to make a statement into a question, such as "it's cold, eh?"

I have no off- switch
Barked: Mon Oct 18, '10 8:50pm PST 
Yoshi I am in Niagara if the question was directed at me big grin

Wonder pup in- the making.
Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 6:12am PST 
Hi Alfina. I'm from Niagara Region also.


too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 8:55am PST 
Vancouver here, eh!wave Go Canucks!
♥- DEOGIE- ♥

Born a dog but- turned into a- gentleman.
Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 3:22pm PST 
Belleville, here.dancing

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Wed Oct 20, '10 4:19am PST 

MrJackFreckl- es~SirLick-a- -Lot

Lick,Lick,Lick..- .Oh How I Love- To Lick!!
Barked: Wed Oct 20, '10 11:28am PST 
Hi Alfina!
I live in Michigan, but my growlmy hails from the Brampton, Ontario region. She has family and friends all over Canada! It's Great to be a Canadian, Eh?
Hello, Fellow Canadians!
Have a great day!puppyhugpuppywavehugwave

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Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Thu Oct 21, '10 4:29pm PST 
happy dancehappy dance that was really kool Mr. JackFreckles laugh out loudlaugh out loud happy dancehappy dance

play bow back- PLEASE!
Barked: Tue Oct 26, '10 9:19pm PST 
Hi Alfina, Howzit goin', eh? I'm Bob from Guelph Ontario.
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