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Barked: Thu Jul 22, '10 11:20pm PST 
I'm new on here as of the 15th of July. Figured I need a place to discuss and ask detailed questions about my dog, this place looked like a friendly place to do it! I have already spent so much time on this website reading over so many forums and articles.

I am joining with first ever dog out on my own, Aki, I currently don't have him in my loving arms because the breeder is a few states above me. I live in Texas, she is in Nebraska, I go to school in Colorado! He's currently 11 weeks old though, will be 15 weeks old when I get him. I'm upset I have to wait, but patience is a virtue!

I'm curious though, how do I change the main picture of my dog on his profile to another one? It's of him at nine weeks and I have a few at 11 weeks so I figured I'd update a little bit.

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Barked: Fri Jul 23, '10 8:17am PST 
Hi! wave

To change your photos, click on "My Account". Scroll down until you see a block of options, with your pup's picture on the left hand side.

Click the "Manage Photos" button that is to the right of your dog's picture.

Now you can select which photo you want to be your main picture by typing in "1" in the white box next to the photo you want (it's to the left of the pic).

Click "Submit" (bottom of the page) and it should change your main picture.

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Barked: Fri Jul 23, '10 9:54am PST 
Hi Aki! Even easier, go to My Account, then click on Change Primary Photo! I'm not sure if Plus is a bit different, so if I'm being redundant, my apologies. Can't wait for the new photos!


Go Japan!
Barked: Fri Jul 23, '10 2:20pm PST 
Doh! Thanks Wiley and Lylah! I hadn't looked close enough for the link! I think it must be different than plus members because Wiley's helped me but it said I needed a plus membership when I tried your answer, Lylah. Thanks though! Appreciated muchly!