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Chia Kitai!
Barked: Wed Aug 30, '06 4:29pm PST 
I orginally started this thread in New to Dogster but Pluto suggested I should cross post it here...

Hey Pups!

I was on Dogster for weeks before I finally figured out what BOL meant! So for those of you here who also have no clue....

Here is the current compiled list of all submissions! Thanks so much to all of the pups who helped out!

AJP (Excellent Jumpers Preferred)
AKC = American Kennel Club - www.akc.org
Annifursary = Anniversary
Apaws = Applause
BAER = the test used to determine if a dog is deaf (recommended for Dals and ACD)
BAYL = bark at ya later
Bestdog = bestfriend
Bi-ped = human (aka 2 legger)
BMTO = Barking My Tail Off
Boydog = boyfriend
BOL = Bark Out Loud
BRB= be right back
BTW = by the woof (as in "by the way")
Bully Stick = dried bull penis used for chewing. Similar to pigs ears.
BUMP = Move the post back up to the top of the thread!
BYB = Back Yard Breeder (You'll see this one on the Legislative and Adoption forums)
CD= Companion Dog, an AKC obedience title (also CDX=Companion Dog Excellent)
CERF= Canine Eye Registry Foundation
CGC = Canine Good Citizen
CH = Champion
CKC= Canadian Kennel Club (or sometimes Continental Kennel Club)
Condogulations = congratulations (best on catster as con-cat-ulations)
CPE = Certified Poop Eater
DH = "Dear Husband", depending on the tone of the post, "D" can stand for other things
DOD = Dog of the Day
Dogalicious = Either delicious and/or wonderful (depends how you use it)
Dogarita = Canine version of a margarita
Dogeriffic = Terrific
Dogter = Doggie Doctor, aka the V-E-T!!!
DOW = Dog of the Week
DSA= Dog Scouts of America-- initials mean the dog is a Dog Scout (passed the Dog Scout test)
ETA = Edited To Add (when you edit a forum post to add something else)
Everywoof = everyone
FC (Field Champion)
FD= Flyball Dog, a flyball title
FDX= Flyball Dog Excellent
Furbling - Sibling
Fur-ever = Forever
Furiends = Friends
Furless = Human
Furless sister/brother = Human sister/brother
Furmily = Family
Girldog = Girlfriend
GMB = Give Me Bones
Gotcha Day = the day a dog joined its forever family
HD= Hip dysplasia
HQ = Dogster HeadQuarters - this refers to the people that run this site.
HumaNana = Human Grandma
Humom = Human Mom
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
J/K = just kidding
JMO = Just my opinion
KC= the Kennel Club of Britain
ME (Master earthdog)
NA (Novice agility)
NFM = no further message
NPC = Naughty Pups Club
OAP (Open Agility Preferred)
OFA = Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
OMB = Oh My Beagle
OMD = Oh My Dog
OP = Original Poster meaning the person who started the thread
OTCh.= Obedience trial champion
Pawlease = please
Pawpular = Popular
Pawsome = Awesome
Pawty = party
PM = puppymill
Pmail = Pawmail as in Dogster email (aka PM)
Poke = See "Badger Hunter's Little Smokie" our resident expert when it comes to *Poking* on the forums. *poke**poke**poke**poke**poke*
POV = Point of View
PSD = Psychiactric Service Dog (I think, correct me if I'm wrong)
PTS = Put To Sleep - some people prefer to use this rather than type out the phrase.
PPR = Pup Pal Request (as in send plenty)
RA (Rally Advanced - obedience)
RN (Rally Novice - obedience)
ROTF = Rolling on the Floor (cause something is so funny)
ROFLMTO = Roll on floor laughing my tail off!
SD = Service Dog
SDIT = Service Dog In Training
SIR = Sorry if repost
Skin babies = Human children as opposed to fur babies (dogs and cats)
SLATs = Sniffs, Licks And Tail wags
Snarky = See ZOE... Heh heh heh... Inside joke
TD= Therapy Dog (could also mean AKC tracking dog title)
TDI = Therapy Dogs International
TDInc= Therapy Dogs, Incorporated
Tripod = A three legged dog
TT= Temperament Tested (passed ATTS temperament testing)
TTFN = Ta Ta for Now
UKC= United Kennel Club (or alternately, Universal Kennel Club)
VCD (Versatile Companion Dog - one obed, two agility, and one tracking title)
Woofday = birthday (aka Barkday)
WWHQD? = What Would Head Quarters Do?
WWPN = Wee wee pads needed, for when something is so funny you lose control!
WWW: Wiggles, Woofs & Wags

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Silly Titles like mine, this thread explains them all:
http://www.dogster.com/forums/Other_Barks_and_Woofs/thread/377 057/1

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •   • • • • • • • •

Herding Titles

AKC organization herding titles

HCH or HC Herding Champion (prefix)
HI Herding Intermediate
HS Herding Started beginning level
HT Herding Tested
HX Herding Excellent advance level
PT Pre-trial Tested
HIC herding instinct certificate
HIT herding instinct tested
HCT herding capability tested

Herding titles - AHBA organization(American Herding Breeds Association)

HCT Herding Capable Tested ( certificate)
* HTD I beginning level Herding Trial Dog, first level
* HTD II intermediate level Herding Trial Dog, second level
* HTD III advanced level Herding Trial Dog, third level
JHD Junior Herd Dog (certificate)
HTCh herding trial champion
* The official AHBA HTD title can have up to 4 suffixes: -d for ducks; -s for sheep; -g for goats; or -c for cattle. geese The title will always have at least one of these suffixes.
HRD I herding ranch dog beginning level
HRD II herding ranch dog intermediate level
HRD IIII herding ranch dog advanced level
HTAD I herding trial arena dog beginning level
HTAD II herding trial arena dog intermediate level
HTAD III herding trial advanced level

HIT is a award for HIGH IN TRIAL top score for all dogs for that trial
RHIT is a award for RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL top score for dog in class for that trial

Herding titles - ASCA organization (Australian Shepherd Club of America)

* ATD Advanced ( level) Trial Dog
* OTD intemediate level Open Trial Dog
RD Ranch Dog (dog has been evaluated by a judge while doing its routine farm tasks & certified to be a useful working dog)
* STD beginning level Started Trial Dog
WTCH non competitive scheme Working Trial Champion (prefix) (dog has earned ATD on all 3 types of stock)

* Always with suffix -s, -d, -c to indicate title earned on sheep, ducks or cattle. Titles earned separately on each type of stock.
RTD ranch trial dog
PATD post advanced trial dog


HS herding started = biggining level
HI Herding intermediate
RX advanced level

USBCHA organization
pro novice

• • • • • • • • • • • •  • • • • • • • • • • • • •   • • • • • • • •

Dog Breeds
Amstaff= American Staffordshire Terrier
APBT= American Pit Bull Terrier
Aussie or Aus = Australian Shepherd
ACD = Australian Cattle Dog
BC= Border Collie
Dobie= Doberman Pinscher
Doxie= Dachshund
ES = English Setter
Frenchie= French Bulldog
GSD = German Shepherd Dog
GSP= German Shorthaired Pointer
'houla = Catahoula Leopard Dog
JRT= Jack Russell Terrier
Labbie or Lab - Labrador Retriever
Mal= Alaskan Malamute (or sometimes Belgian Malinois)
OES= Old English Sheepdog
Pom= Pomeranian
PRT= Parson Russell Terrier (new breed name for the JRT)
Ratties = Rat Terrier
Sibe= Siberian Husky
Staffie= Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Swissie= Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Terv= Belgian Tervuren

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •   • • • • • • •

Aside from language here are other tips:

1. Viewing Threads When you look at the main forums page... If you click on the title of the thread it will take you to the original post that started the thread... if you click on the Today/time it will take you to the most recent message posted.

2. Messages are attached to rosettes. Hover over one and it will say who sent it. Click on one and you can read the message the sender wrote you.

3. If you want to create Line Breaks in your Bio so that you have sections or paragraphs... copy and paste this line... Exactly this long _________________________________ where you want the paragraph to break.. Be sure to add one blank space in front of it and at the end of it and it will create a perfect line break like on my page... Go look.

It's cool! Even though I have plus now so I could use the extra bio fields I've left mine the way I first did it cause it's cooler... Ok cause I'm too lazy to change it I'll admit it.

4. Live Links You will need to delete all of the blank spaces between the < / a > at the end.... I cannot paste up a sample without the spaces or it will turn the sample into a live link:

< a href=http://www.YourUrlGoesHere>The Words for the link go here< / a >

5. Sideways Faces:

:-P for big fat tongues

;o) winking

:o( sad




:3 Is this one big nose?

:9 Is this one licking upwards?

Upright Faces

>^..^< Kitty

x.x sleepy face?




There are more faces from Kifa on THIS PAGE

6. *asterisks* Used to denote an action or something your dog is doing as opposed to saying such as:

*Kitai sat down and ate his corndog*

7. Giving Bones on a PC When you give a dog a bone, click the leave a bone link and open the window, you don't have to keep clicking that link to give more bones. As long as the "bone" window is open, you can hit F5 as many times as you want...it'll really load up the bones fast!

8. Tip on editing posts: If you want to correct a typo... just click on the little word "edit" at the top right corner of your post. It will then open to a window and allow you to correct, delete or add new text to your post and will then leave a little time stamp at the bottom of your post showing when you edited.

Everyone else please feel free to add any helpful tips for the new pups!

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Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Wed Aug 30, '06 5:24pm PST 
Good idea, Kitai! Here are a few other slang words that me and my pack tend to use here on Dogster:

Dogalicious = Either delicious and/or wonderful (depends how you use it)

Fur-ever = Forever

Pawesome = Awesome

Pawpular = Popular

Furless sister/brother = Human sister/brother

Dogarita = Canine version of a margarita

I'll post more as I think of them. smile

Edited by author Wed Aug 30, '06 5:27pm PST

♥Dale- Bo♥

Live simply,- Love- generously,Care- deeply
Barked: Wed Aug 30, '06 5:55pm PST 
Thanks for posting these..Very helpfull and saved them all..


Chia Kitai!
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 12:09am PST 
Thanks Peanutty and glad you found the list useful Dale Bo puppy

Updated all of the new additions and compiled them into the main list.

Lucky the Chi
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 5:33am PST 
Apaws Kitai smile

Oh you forgot this one- =) and =B

Edited by author Thu Aug 31, '06 5:34am PST

Sassy(1996-2- 007)

Did somebody say- treat?
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 10:22am PST 
You forgot these faces:

Edited by author Thu Aug 31, '06 1:26pm PST

Lady Bug

Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 12:36pm PST 
Hey, and my smilies :-P
^_^, O_O, -_-, smile, big grin
Heh heh heh

Great idea, Kitai!
Sir Bailey- Bowzer, NPC

I'm bigger than- I look.
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 1:37pm PST 
You forgot pmail. It stands for pawmail which is Dogster's version of e-mail. Maybe I'm just slow but it took me a while to figure out what it meant when someone posted to pmail them.
Lady Bug

Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 1:44pm PST 
That reminds me.. PM also stands for pmail/pawmail.
Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 11:21pm PST 
Some more emoticons for fun, check out this site:

Emoticons and Smilies

Edited by author Thu Aug 31, '06 11:22pm PST

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