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Indiana- Jones

Car?! Did you- say car?!
Barked: Thu Jun 30, '05 8:49am PST 
Maybe this has already been addressed. If so, I apologize in advance. And if the feature is available, where can I find it? I know we have the dog search, but......

We should be able to search for our own posts that we start 'New Topic' or search for topics that we participate in when we post a reply.

If I post something (Start a topic), and I don't see the topic within the first few pages, then I give up in looking for it. Or if there is a specific post I participated in, I may want to look it up.

Most forums I've joined have this feature. It's usually set up to search by user or keyword. Then there may be a catagory to select. Such as to choose from 'Posts you replied to' or 'Topics you started'.

Also, it would be great if we could Edit or Delete a post that we enter.

Thanks smile