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"Rusty the Terrible"

Barked: Sun Jun 26, '05 6:19pm PST 
Email 10 people about Dogster today.

Dogster needs 100,000 registered users by August 10, 2005 or "Rusty the Terrible" will not receive his free Dogster T-Shirt.

Why you ask !? No reason, just a goal for the heck of it.

Now get to work.


Got Bread?
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '05 12:42am PST 
that would be spam party

and besides it doesn't taste good with bread party

Bringin' Sexy- Back!
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '05 7:05am PST 
Status of your wardrobe doesn't really concern us. Thank you.

Pinto- Philippe

Barked: Mon Jun 27, '05 8:36am PST 
much as mommy and me would like to help... all of my friends are either already on dogster or I've barked at them about it