Birthday Stroll Suggestion

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Got Bones?
Barked: Fri Jun 10, '05 8:00pm PST 
Given that a lot of dogs have their birthdays registered, a new stroll of "Birthday dogs" could be added.

The stroll could be updated once a week or so, so that all dogs within that time frame could be celebrated. A daily stroll could be done too.

Perhaps a special icon or frame could be added to dogs' photos for the occasion - so those in the forums, diary central, or anywhere could be easily identified.

His Royal- Puppiness
Barked: Sat Jun 11, '05 4:08pm PST 
Woof! Woof! I like that idea!

Barked: Sat Jun 11, '05 4:42pm PST 
yes like a cute birthday banner on their webpages and even on the forum so peple will know an other dogsters too good idea!!!!

yah b4 my b day comes guys wooof!!


A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Sat Jun 11, '05 4:47pm PST 
I think birthday stroll is already there ... somewhere... (was it hidden in "more strolls"? ) but having a special banner is a cool idea.