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Bruschi ^..^

Barked: Thu Jun 2, '05 8:29pm PST 
I love it love it love it!
It just gets better every day. Thanks HQ and please keep up the outstanding work!!!!

I ceremoniously give you one of my favorite socks as a sign of my gratitude!

Bubba - Call me- Bossdog.
Barked: Thu Jun 2, '05 10:34pm PST 
*APPLAUSE again to HQ.. the bestest.

*sheesh, so far, it seems like we've gotten, or are getting just about everything we asked for.. maybe we should toss in a few requests for ocean cruises, or a weekend at a spa, or diamond toe rings..

Got Bread?
Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 12:08am PST 
lol Bubba you're too funny big grin


Tough Runt
Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 12:25am PST 
hahaha Bubba. So true, though... dogster is very loyal to it's doggies!

Be true to your- pack
Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 7:25am PST 
Way nice on the Hot and New! I know big changes on public forums can be a PITA!

How do we give bones to Dogster ?
Dogster HQ

Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 9:22am PST 
Woof{YAY}Woof! So glad you like! This is exactly why we chose to write our forums from scratch so we can change and improve however you and we see fit!

Bruschi, this sock is smelly and stinky and it rules. Thx!

Joker, bones can be given anytime by clicking the 'Help Support Dogster' link in the right or just tell your friends or local pet stores! We wouldn't normally say, but since you asked there it is ;>

Confidential to Bubba. The cruises and diamonds were supposed to be a secret! We may not be able to do them now. Can't bark for sure.

Bringin' Sexy- Back!
Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 9:34am PST 
Woof to HQ! you guys totally rule. Me likey.

Sign me up for ojne of those cruises, yes? smile