adopting a schnauzer

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Max (aka- Sebastian)

Lovin Life
Barked: Tue Mar 24, '09 7:59am PST 
I am adopting Sebastian, he was saved from a kill shelter by a rescue. I have been approved for his adoption and only waiting for his pick-up. I have yet to meet him, but would like advice from other Standard owners.
How old are standards when they reach full size? The rescue has him listed as about 25lbs. and just under a year old.
My mini schnauzer was 26lbs (a little overweight) so I am wondering if he will grow more, or if he really isn't a standard, but a schnauzer mix or a large mini.
Here is his link if you want to see his pics.

http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=13305 560

To me, it looks as if he has long legs in the full body shot.
Just wanted to get your opinons, since the mini, standard and giant all vary in personalities and daily needs.
Abigail- (Abby)

Social/Therapy- Dog
Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 12:11pm PST 
welcome to your new home.

your very cute!


The Toy Stealer
Barked: Sat Jun 20, '09 7:11pm PST 
I've begun to notice that a lot of oversize miniature schnauzers are being labeled 'standard' schnauzers, now. I have a mini that clocks in at a good 23 lbs (at 2 years old) but he is definitely a mini in build and character, even when you put him next to a 4 month old standard puppy of the same size and weight.

Standards are EXTREAMLY rare in the US - only 500 puppies a YEAR a born in the US, vs 100,000+ miniature schnauzers. A breeder listed on the Standard Schnauzer Club of America page is really the only place to get one. If you ever do find a real standard in a rescue, its a real treasure - but that little dear will be, at the LEAST, 30 lbs (for a small female), and at the most, 50 (for a large male).

Minis and standards aren't just two different sizes of the same breed (like toy, and teacups, etc etc) but two breeds that haven't shared bloodlines in 200 years. You may as well call our oversized minis 'affenpincers', because they are just as related to the 'monkey dog' as they are to standards.

Your adopted pup is just a big, lovable mini, so look to the miniature schauzer page to find out more about their personailty smile

Max (aka- Sebastian)

Lovin Life
Barked: Wed Dec 2, '09 10:27am PST 
Thank you for the responses. Max came home to us in April, and I couldn't ask for a better schnauzer. He is darker then in his rescue picture, he's closer to a black and silver, and as I feared, he is not a standard, he is a large mini. That is ok though, we love him and he has a great home, and I will just keep my eyes open and if a standard comes up needing a home, I will be there to provide that home. ( It just stinks because I bought the crate to big enough to house a standard, so Max has a huge house instead of a properly sized crate, but it's working since accidents in it have not been an issue.)