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Radar - Aug. 2005 - Sept. 2007

Barked: Wed Sep 12, '07 11:47am PST 
I recently adopted Radar, a schnauzer. He was listed as a Giant mix, but he's about 47 lbs. so I think he is more of a Standard.

Here's my dilema. He is drinking water by the tons and peeing like a flood. I was afraid he may have a UTI (urinary tract infection), so the vet has him on 10 days of antibiotics. He also had a slight amount of blood in his urine and (the part that scares me) a low specific gravity.

We are going on week 2 of the meds, and no sign of improvements. Still drinking / peeing like crazy. So now I'm getting afraid he might have early renal failure or Diabetes Insipidus.

We will have to see what his urine shows next week at the vet. Hopefully it's just a UTI..but I'm having doubts.

Anyone have experience with this...renal failure or Diabetes Insipidus??


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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '07 6:14pm PST 

I'm sorry to hear about Radar's problem. I assume that by now you have figured it all out with your vet, and he is on his way to better health. Lady (St. Sch., 7 yrs) was dx'd with Cushings disease in May, and her primary symptom (although I didn't see it as one) was drinking and peeing like crazy. I just thought she wasn't adjusting to a move our family made.

Please post back and let us know how Radar is doing.

Lady & Deb (mom)