How do SPs get along with other breeds of dogs?

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Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Tue Jun 2, '09 3:59pm PST 
The more I read about SPs the more I am interested. My question is how do they get along with other breeds? Are they a laid back breed or do they need to be boss? Are females ok with other female breeds? (both spayed) . I have a Chi and I am concerned about the Chi temperment meshing with the SP temperment.

Super Silver- Service Spoodle
Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 1:05pm PST 
Ollie gets along with pretty much every other dog we've met. He does tend to get along best with poodles and herding dogs as they have similar play styles as he does. The only concern I'd have about a chi and a poodle is that some poodles have high prey drive, but you could make sure the poodle you get doesn't, or get a puppy so you can raise the poodle with your chi. But generally I think poodles tend to get along with other breeds very well. I also know many poodles who live with chihuahuas or toy poodles, so they can live with small dogs for sure!
Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 2:03pm PST 
I didnt know they have high prey drive, but thats ok....I have a small border collie mix also, and I supervise them playing together. I miss having a big dog and hubby always wanted a toy poodle. The toy will have to be chi and with a Standard Poodle we can both be happywink


I'm a- parti-boy!
Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 3:16pm PST 
Not all standard poodles have high prey drives, I think that's more of an individual personality thing. My guy gets along with every breed regardless of size.
Mandy and - Casey

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Barked: Tue Jun 16, '09 5:22am PST 
I cant think of a dog Casey has met he hasnt' wanted to play with.
Mandy is more reserved in who she places with but doens't want to hurt anyone.
I think a spoo is a perfect choice.
Sure I imagine there are some spoos not good with other dogs just as some chis arn't good with other dogs.
A younger one you should have no problem.

DeMamma and my- boy and me makes- a team
Barked: Tue Aug 4, '09 9:24pm PST 
Black plays a bit rough with my daughters chi but is getting better. The chi will nip at him and ignore him if he gets to rough so he is learning to play more gentle.