What food do you eat?

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Sambo Boy

Sambo..Baby Boy!
Barked: Sun Sep 28, '08 8:13pm PST 
My mom just switched from Canidae since they switched their formula to Kirkland...which you get at Costco. It is reasonable in price and good ingredients. No corn etc.
Winnie Joy- CGC

I may be pretty,- but I am all- dog!
Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 12:21am PST 
I love my raw meat patties! Mom gives me three silver dollar pancake sized patties in the morning and a regular sized raw patty or two in the evening. Mom noticed that, no matter what good quality kibble she and I chose at the store, I wasn't wild about eating and she worried because I was so thin. So, when a trainer told her that "A dog should eat like it's their last meal," Mom knew it was time to try something different. She knew I love meat treats but don't particularly care for biscuit treats, so the raw patties seemed like a good possibility and, as it turned out, I love them! Sometimes I practically run to my dish in the evening. I always have some nice kibble in my dish, too, but what I really love are my raw patties. I'm still a thin girl, but it's probably because I love to run at motorcycle speed at the dog park and leap and flip to catch balls. We get our frozen patties at Centinela Feed & Pet in Torrance, California. (They will remember your name and give you meat treats when you visit there, too!)
Juniper CGC

Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 7:24pm PST 
Zeus, I worked as a vet tech for 2 years and saw my vet push science diet really hard on EVERYONE including me. I was ignorant and thought it was a good choice. Turns out, it gave my allergy dog just as many problems as Purina One did.

I would recommend you stick with the change. Changes in food should be done very slowly (for dogs with sensitive systems, up to 2 weeks is not uncommon) for it not to cause digestive upset. New food should be mixed in with the old food at increasing increments. The vomiting could be due to eating or drinking to fast (causing inhalation of lots of air) or by digestive irritation due to the change of ingredients (depending on the food you switched to, this new diet could be a complete opposite of Science Diet). I would give it some time and not worry about it too much. If you are worried about water consumption or think the vomiting could be due to eating too fast, try mixing the food with water (not a LOT of water; you want to add enough water so that the food just barely floats and let it sit for about a minute to soften slightly). This will slow down the eating and also make sure Zeus is getting enough hydration.


Kiki, Crickie,- Keek, Diva, Miss- Priss
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 7:25am PST 
My family feeds me Blue Buffalo most of the time, and sometimes Wellness. I am a very spoiled little girl, and I do not want to eat dry food--I prefer wet food. My mommy tried and tried to feed me dry food, but it was a losing battle for her, and I just refused it. She still gives me a little bit of dry in my wet food though, and makes sure I have lots of things to chew to keep my teeth healthy!

Barked: Tue Jan 5, '10 8:03pm PST 
My Mommy feds me Evanger's 100% Meat canned food (Chicken is my favorite, but I like the beef as well) and Evo dry food.
Flip, CGC

I like to move- it move it!
Barked: Sat Feb 27, '10 7:53am PST 
I eat a prey model raw diet, and I never have any eye, ear or skin issues and my teeth are sparkling white and tartar free!
I love my raw food and am always excited to see what is in the bowl.
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