puppy nerves

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Barked: Wed Oct 27, '10 11:42am PST 
its my first time posting on here so ill try to make as much sense as possible!my 7 month old staffy,bonnie has always been extremley friendly to everyone she meets(family,kids,strangers!lol!) and leaves a lasting impression with everyone she meets,the thing is when she went to the vets for her 6 monthly check she seemed extremley nervous with the nurse who checked her over,she is very friendly with the 2 vets she normally sees and all the receptionists..the reason we are concerned is we are booking her in to be spayed and really dont want this nurse dealing with bonnie as she will be nervous and 'out of sorts'as it is.should we have a chat with our vet?i dont want to seem as if im being overprotective,but she really didnt appear to like the nurse!any advice would be greatfully recieved.confused