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How to teach my agility dog the "here" command

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Barked: Wed Feb 19, '14 8:25pm PST 
How do I teach my agility dog the "here" command. Not the same as come

The Monster
Barked: Thu Feb 20, '14 5:32am PST 
There are a variety of words people use to describe a certain action. What do you want "here" to mean?

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Barked: Mon Feb 24, '14 6:18pm PST 
In agility here is used to bring the dog toward you and guide them to an obstacle but not come directly to you. When calling the "here" command the dog keeps moving


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Barked: Mon Feb 24, '14 8:35pm PST 
Hmmmm ..... I use my handling (body language) for this. A serp cue, FC or shoulder turn should bring your dog towards you and to the next obstacle. If your dog knows your handling system, there should be little need for a word to mean "here".

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Barked: Tue Feb 25, '14 6:12am PST 
Body language is certainly a huge part of this. I use "here" as well, but it is more just alerting my dog to pay attention back to me again. You could just as easily call your dog's name to encourage them to turn back to you so you can cue them with hand signals and body language.
I also use "in" and "out" for threadles and serpentines, etc. Honestly though the words are more just for me to talk it through. When Mya is paying full attention to me we can run a course without words. Sometimes in a distracting trial saying things might help her keep her focus on me, but it's the body language, not the words, that matter to Mya.