Julius K9 Harness or Brilliant K9 Harness?

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I wasn't sure what area to post this in, but I notice that these two harnesses seems to be very popular with agility people. I really want to order one for Rylee, but I'm not sure which one would be better. Does anyone have any experience with either one of these? Any suggestions? Thanks!

http://www.julius-k9.us/idcinnovadogcomfort-p-3.html (I think this is the newest harness Julius has come out with)

http://www.mightymitedoggear.com/Dog_Harness_For_Agility.ht ml (I'm leaning toward this one)

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Barked: Sun Feb 16, '14 7:26pm PST 
All of mine with the exception of one has a Julius K9(the two bigger dogs have the IDC and the smaller one has the original powerhouse harness). I personally haven't tried the brilliant K9 so can't compare the two, but I know a couple people who have and like theirs.

There's also the comfortflex which is another popular one(I also have and love mine). It's a great harness and lighter weight than the JK9, but I find it to be not as easy an on/off harness as the JK9
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Barked: Mon Feb 17, '14 6:21am PST 
I don't like the Julius or Comfortflex. Popular =/= good. The chest strap seems to restrict movement, particularly in extending the front legs. There is very little handler control with either harness.

I haven't seen or used the Brilliant K9, but it doesn't interest me. It seems like a better fit than the Julius and Comfortflex, but still very similar in design.

Personally, I don't understand the point of a harness for agility. It's very hands-off. I mostly ran my dogs naked. When my old man starting having physical problems and I dropped heights and obstacles, I also bought him a Ruffwear harness so I could walk beside him and use the handle if needed. I just bought a sledding/-joring harness for Ember in flyball, because she refuses to run naked.

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