Scent articles!

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Jem - Kandansk- Emerging- Artist

Barked: Fri Nov 1, '13 8:04am PST 
OMD! Everyone has to watch the video on Jem's page of her working scent articles last night!!

It was the first time I added unscented tubes and they didn't even phase her! She's just days from 9 months.

I'm super excited about this. There's a cute little Havanese that I keep seeing at competition and he just stands in the pile. I would rather Jem and I fail because we did something WRONG not because Jem's too scared to do something at all!!

** I believe you'll have to click on video book to see it **

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Maggie,- Tika, &- Porter

Aussie-tastic- Trio
Barked: Fri Nov 1, '13 8:09pm PST 
Scent articles are super fun, congrats smile

I have had more fun training the scent activities than I have had any other "obedience" related activities.
Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Wed Nov 13, '13 6:53am PST 
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