FINALLY!! SOMETHING HE'S GREAT AT!!! - Scent Work & Mr. Beagle

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Jake & Sweet- Caroline

Tricolored- Hounds for life!
Barked: Sun May 26, '13 1:06am PST 
FINALLY!!! happy dance

So i finally got around to taking jake and Sweet Caroline to Nosework classes. And to no real surprise to me they blew their classmates away in speed and accuracy of finding the treats.

For those who do scent work with their dogs does it help increase their confidence and attetion spans?

Jake as the attention span of a squirrel on meth when we're in the training space. But as soon as he gets the "Go Find it." he takes off and leads me right to the scented box.

Sorry I just had to share this. I'm just so happy I found something my boy is good at.

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Barked: Sun May 26, '13 7:12am PST 
It's always great to find something that interests your dog. Congrats! way to go

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Barked: Sun May 26, '13 9:58am PST 
happy dance That's great. You're going to have alot of fun in the class.

Mikey loved it. When we were at class, he was all business and he really seemed to "get it". It was so much fun for him.

I'd love to get Moose in a class when he's a bit less.....spazzy. At home I work on it with him and he's pretty good, but that's as far as I'm going to take it with him for now. Once he's mature and settles down, I'm probably going to enroll him in a class.


Feisty- Girl
Barked: Sun May 26, '13 6:05pm PST 
Fun, isn’t it?! way to go

Abbey likes agility, but she loooves NW.
Jake & Sweet- Caroline

Tricolored- Hounds for life!
Barked: Mon May 27, '13 10:47pm PST 
i wish jake could do agility. Currently we're doing private obedience lessons again because Jake is too spastic to deal with an actual agility class. >.> But in private lessons he's rather good at it.

Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
Barked: Tue May 28, '13 1:50pm PST 
happy dance

Yay for Jake!! It's so fun doing something your dog was BORN to do. (I mean all dogs were meant to use their nose, but wow hounds just live for it). Lenny's attention span did seem to build over time, and still seems continue to do so. It develops over time when you begin to increase the difficulty of the hides, the dog has to stay focussed on the task for longer and longer. Lenny was fairly young when he started, so sometimes when we increased the difficulty he'd take 30 seconds or a minute to get distracted and wander around the room until he'd finally go, "Oh wait...I was looking for that thing..." and then he'd resume and we'd praise him big time for regaining that focus. Now not all of that transfers to you, at least it didn't for me. It did help. But for a beagle focussing his attention on the hunt comes naturally, focussing on a handler does not.

But- it did also help in building a connection because once your graduate to odor and finally to hides where YOU don't know where they are, you learn the value of communication. Of your dog telling you what you need to know. And Lenny and I did seem to work a lot better as a team once we did Nosework whether it was practicing in our backyard or working on Heel in the pet store. So maybe in a way it helps that attention in that way?