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Barked: Tue May 14, '13 2:06pm PST 
Does any one here have thier dogs in pulling? If so, I was just wondering where you go to practice (outside of the schedule practice times) and what you use for them to pull? I don't have a very big backyard and I don't want him to ruin it with him dragging something (but what?!) across the grass every other day. Any advise would be appareciated!

And please, no responses who think weight pulling is a form of "abuse," my dog absolutely LOVES it and he is practically treated like royalty at home so that whole notion to me is absurd...

Barked: Thu May 16, '13 8:09pm PST 
Provided our dog likes to pull when grown we're going to use a fairly straight and level rural road with very little traffic (It dead ends and only has a few homes on it) that's near our home. We've also found an abandoned parking lot behind our local grocery store that's also nice, flat, big, and empty. We'd use our neighborhood, but it just isn't level anywhere and some of the hills are quite steep.
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Barked: Tue May 21, '13 11:52am PST 
You might contact Wilczek Woodworks. Charks pulls a wagon (complete with seats for the grands)... we have a Wilczek wagon and harness. They have carts for weight pulling and are quite approachable (phone or email)... as well as training materials.