Funny obedience/agility stories

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MACH4 PACH2- Aslan

Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 10:49pm PST 
I agree with others about having too many stories to write, but here's mine for today.

Aslan was in Masters many years ago. I was injured, so my friend was running him. He had gone outside to do business right before the Jumpers with Weaves run. He and my friend were having an amazing, fast run when just two jumps shy of the finish, he stopped cold.

He sat down and began chewing his butt and chewing his butt. He chewed down there for about 15 seconds before finishing and continuing with the last two jumps. It was downright embarrassing. Because he chose to sit down and chew in his third between jumps, he did not receive a refusal. And although he spent probably 15 seconds out there chewing, because he was so fast, he easily made time.

The judge walked over to where he had been butt chewing afterward to see if there were any droppings left behind. Fortunately, there were none. If there had been, he would have been NQed for eliminating in the ring. smile

My friend and I were laughing though because it was the only time I could remember up to that point where he did not get a placement ribbon.

A fun point of rule, if you do not know what I mean when I say, "his third between jumps," you'll want to learn that if you do AKC agility. It's a very handy rule to know.

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 5:32am PST 
Great job choosing the ideal place to stop, Aslan! big laugh

It's all about- me.
Barked: Sun Apr 28, '13 3:39pm PST 
Ok...so you know that Standard Poodles (poodles in general) are freakishly smart... well we had NO idea how true this was until one agility run.

Sonja was off to a great start...until she got to the weave poles. She decided she wanted to mosey through them. Hubby was trying every trick in the book to get her rev'd up again. Finally he said, "can you GO any slower?"

At that moment, Sonja stepped out of the poles and stopped...looked at hubby as if to say, "yes, how's this." laugh out loudbig laugh And that WAS it...she was done.

Moral of the story....NEVER underestimate the wit of a Poodle. wink


The Monster
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 8:13am PST 
You know, it's funny, I don't think I have too many funny stories of Cohen's runs. She really is quite a serious, super focused, no nonsense type of dog.

One I can think of off the top of my head is when we ran an Advanced Gamblers last year. Gamblers is one of my favourite games, and up until that point we'd never had any problem with them, always collected a high score and completed the gamble without issue. This time Cohen was high as a kite on the start line, barking like crazy (as so many Aussies are wont to do). I think she knocked every single jump I put her over in the opening, crashing most of the standards right to the ground. She popped out of her weaves (despite it being one of her strongest obstacles at the time) and failed and completely destroyed the mini gamble by taking out a wing jump. But... we got the final gamble. I think we scored a grand total of 12 points that run. Serves me right for thinking I had that one in the bag I guess.

Two weeks ago when I was out at another agility trial there was this speedy little Toller there who really, really liked the teeter. He ran most of his Masters Standard run and when he was nearing the end of the course, decided to deek back to the far corner where the teeter was. He ran up one side of the teeter and rode it down. Then he did a 180 on the board, ran up to the other side of the teeter and rode it down. Another 180, another ride down. All told I think he did about 10 repetitions before they could wrangle him back under control. The dog was absolutely delighted with himself.
MACH4 PACH2- Aslan

Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 8:20pm PST 
That's a great teeter story. I would have loved to see a dog that happy with the teeter. smile

Thanks Bailey. Aslan did choose his spot correctly!! smile

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Tue Apr 30, '13 3:52am PST 
In Agility, Cobain likes direction and a solid structure. Repeating obstacles, or taking a series of obstacles twice used to frustrate him.

The first few times we tried Gamblers he would come to a dead stop and argue with me.
Me: Coby go tunnel
Cobain: Woo woo woo woo (We just did this one, we're not supposed to turn around and do it again)
Me: *points* Coby TUNNEL
Cobain: Aroo roo roo (I JUST did that one, I want to go forward)
Me: Quit being a jerk and take the freaking tunnel!

Eventually I learned how to maneuver things in a more flowy way (although those who watch me know that at times that's not always true laugh out loud)And he's learned that things don't have to be so orderly.
Shayne CGC,- RL2

Shayne- Disc Doggin in- the 'Burgh!
Barked: Tue Apr 30, '13 11:57am PST 
I don't trial enough to have many funny stories BUT my last rally trial there was certainly a VERY funny series of events. During the level 2b class, 5 of the 6 dogs NQ'd! Most of the dogs are serious competitors and are rally enthusiasts. One of the teams that NQ'd went to nationals this year and I've seen trial a few times and i've only see her score less than 210 3 times (so all but three times, they've gotten perfect scores--her dog earned his ARCHMX5 or 6 the trial before this one).

It was the last trial of the weekend and 3 of the 5 dogs NQ'd because they hit the bar on the jump (or the whole upright LOL), 1 dog NQ'd on the call to front while running sign, and another never saw a halt, sidestep, halt sign so she just walked right past it. By the end of the class the whole room was laughing hysterically as dog after dog after dog NQ'd. The dog who won first Q'd and won with a score of 190, it was hilarious!
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