Advice for rollerblading with my hyperactive GSD

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Barked: Thu Apr 25, '13 1:33pm PST 
I have a hyperactive 2 year old GSD. We walk 2 hours a day every day, started going 3 hours this week. She spends 6 hours at the park on Sat and Sun catching ball and Frisbee. Nothing wears her out.

(Once, last summer, it was very hot out and we spent the day at the lake. we counted throwing the ball into the lake over 600 times. She never stopped, never laid down)

Anywho, I would love to run with her but my weight prohibits it. I am working on that.

I had a trainer try to teach her how to run with me on the bike but she nearly killed us all a few times.

I thought maybe we could rollerblade. I know how to rollerblade and I have decent balance on them.

I would like to know if any of you rollerblade with your dogs and if you have any advice for me?

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If she was wild with the bike, I'd be very careful with rollerblading. She'd probably have an even easier time pulling you off balance. If you want to try it, I'd work on teaching some directional commands first and make sure she has a solid "leave it" or "on by" so she doesn't go running off after anything.

When you tried biking, were you using any kind of attachment like a Springer? It absorbs most of the dog's pulling so you don't get jerked around.
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Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 1:36am PST 
At a minimum:

Choose a quiet place with flat terrain.

Know how to ride the brake properly and how to do a turn stop.

Avoid steep slopes.

Be prepared to let go of your dog if something goes wrong. Be able to recall your dog.

Directional/stop commands make it a lot easier.

If you aren't a strong skater, go to a rink/somewhere quiet and learn the ropes first.

It goes without saying, especially with a hyper dog, you should invest in a helmet and some padding!


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Are you sure you aren't secretly training her for a Marathon?

Sanka and Kato's owner rollerblades with her dogs and will probably stop by here, but I believe both hers are older, too.

I remember when I got into a cycle with Nare, first it was two 30 minute walks. Then three, four.. Then they were 45 minutes each, one hour each, etc.
But what I was really doing was conditioning him to being walked for 4 hours a day and playing offleash for another 2 or 3... It no longer tired him out anymore because it became the norm. When we started getting serious about training (Herding, Rally, Shutzhund, Nosework) was when he would finally be tired for once and wouldn't get up for his numerous walks.
But Pan might just be legitimately hyper too, lol. Good luck!
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All advice above is good wink When Charks was 2, we'd walk around 5 mi/d, go to assorted training 3 times/wk, dog park with water retrieves on Sat & Sun. Retrieves into Mississippi tired her since the current is significant laugh out loud

In general, the more physical stuff you do, the stronger your dog will become. You've got to work on the mental as well to really tire the pup. You can incorporate ob/agility exercises into all of this. Dog-dog interactions are also exhausting.

Rollerblading? I don't. I have biked using the Springer. Works fine. I don't particularly enjoy it because the amount of exercise _I_ get is nil (darn dog moves the bike at a good cruise!). BTW, Charks has a wagon and some grandkids to ride in it. THAT is serious exercise for the pup.

As others are noting, for blading (or biking, or cart/wagon, or sled, or skis) you NEED to be able to command a start, a slowdown, and a stop. You also want a 'leave-it', and a right and left command... The wagon is nice because Chark immediately gets that she can't chase squirrels or interact with other dogs... she's 'on the job'. The downside to wagons is that she'd like to move at well above a human walk. Kids love it... and are constantly calling for more speed ('hup')... a short, full speed run certainly wears ME out.