Does Anyone Compete With a Rescued Dog?

Running, catching, leaping; this is the forum to discuss dog sports and agility training with other active pups!

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Star BN RN- RA

Barked: Mon May 27, '13 6:56pm PST 
Star and my 3 doxies are rescues. I compete in rally and obedience with Star and she has earned her BN RN and RA title. Wiggles one of my doxies was an agility champion in 4H (not sure if that counts) and he is going to get his BN (obedience) soon (he has 1 leg, needs 2 more). I am going to start rally with another of my doxies, Maggie, very soon...she needs to get comfortable around large groups (she was abused before I got her and can get very scared).

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Barked: Thu May 30, '13 9:26am PST 
cheerhappy dancehail

You are all amazing!!!!

Sarah congratulations on your start into dog sports! It sounds like it's been a good experience so far! I wish you much continued success!

Forest, you're a total inspiration!!!!!!

Thanks all for sharing your stories and your accomplishments!!!! You and your dogs are incredible!!!!! snoopy

Awesome Dog
Barked: Tue Jun 11, '13 7:57pm PST 
Risa just earned her RE in AKC Rally this weekend. We're now going to work towards the RAE though I don't think she will probably get it. (We don't trial that frequently, not because I think she's incapable. smile )


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Barked: Wed Jun 12, '13 11:59am PST 
Sassy and Maxwell were rescues. Sassy was an earthquake dog, lost as a pup after the Northridge quake and a stray a couple times after that. Max was an owner relinquish that sat at the pound for 2 weeks waiting for ME. I didn't get Sassy to do agility because I had never heard of it but Max was going to participate whether he wanted to or not. Dratted sport is addictive.

Sassy earned her novice and advanced titles in USDAA and NADAC, many legs in PIII USDAA but no titles. Max earned a triple superior in NADAC. MAD and 3 triple Qs short of whatever the highest Performance III title is in USDAA and Level III completed and some Level Vs in CPE. Both retired from the sport when in double digits, Max last year at 12, Sassy at about 11 years old.

Lots of USDAA competitors in my area started out with rescued dogs and moved to performance bred dogs after the first one retired.

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Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 6:28pm PST 
Mihkoa here was my first. A rescue dog. And she had SO much energy and smarts... as I read more about her breed I realized she needed a job to do. And having bad hips... well that mean she had to stay strong or you know what they say... Use it or loose it.

Dare here I got as a puppy from rescue. He is a total mix breed, but sheltie/pom/papillon cross. The rescue owner prefers to adopt dogs out to sport homes and that is how we got him, for agility. He enjoys it quite a bit... but not as much as Mihkoa.

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Barked: Mon Nov 11, '13 8:26am PST 
Delta is a rescue and I do agility with her.

I haven't been in any competitions, but we have a little course in our yard that we run her through. Next year I plan on entering her in an agility competition at the state fair.

I am training her for dock diving, but we haven't been in any competitions yet, either.
Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Wed Nov 13, '13 6:53am PST 
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Barked: Fri Nov 15, '13 8:43am PST 
My plan for Link when I got him was going to be therapy work and agility. Turns out, he's not well suited for therapy work due to his skittishness and dog aggression. I still wanted to do agility, but due to personal issues and Link's own problems, my focus has been elsewhere. It's a little disappointing, but it's fine. He's still my sweet boy.

Feisty- Girl
Barked: Sat Nov 16, '13 7:45am PST 
Sorry to go off topic a little, but re: the above comment on vaccines and training- I do very limited vaccines and I have only been asked once in 10 years of training with various people/groups to show proof of vaccination (a rabies certificate, which is the only one required by law anyway) to attend a class. Doing limited vaccines should not prevent you from seeking professional training.
Alva BH

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Barked: Sat Nov 16, '13 4:20pm PST 
An off-topic question too... What kind of vaccines and how often do your clubs/trainers/trials require? What does limited vaccination mean?

I live in another country and for comparison:
- no vaccination is required by law here but if you travel or import a dog it must be vaccinated against rabies and treated against echinococcus granulosis.
- all our events state that they require microchips/tattoos valid rabies distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirosis vaccines. Some check all entering dogs, some pick random handlers to show their dog's documents. I've shown Alva's at a dog show, temperament test, an obedience trial and an off-the-record agility competition (we entered tunnel course without bars because Alva has bad hips)
- no spay/neuter is required. But some sports ban bitches in heat in trials.
- training clubs usually claim that any puppy is welcome after their vaccination so I assume an unvaccinated dog is frowned upon. No one has ever asked me my dogs documents about vaccines.
- currently vaccines are valid for as long their manufacturer claims. Alva got her first vaccine at 12 weeks (distemper, hepatitis, parvo, kennel cough (?), booster and rabies vaccination at 16 weeks, boosters at the age of one year four months, and next boosters at the age of four. So Alva is now vaccinated every third year.

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