Does Anyone Compete With a Rescued Dog?

Running, catching, leaping; this is the forum to discuss dog sports and agility training with other active pups!

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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 10:59am PST 
I haven't done anything with my rescues yet, but I plan to get Kado herding lessons after she has another TTA. She has a very good instinct for sheep -- she's a Cattle Dog mix -- and she would be great at Barn Hunts if we had them up here in the Northeast, but they are basically a southern thing.

With Rolo, I intend to do basic OB and then move into some light agility for confidence building. I don't think he will ever be particularly fast, as he runs sort of crabby (he had a broken leg at some point in his past) -- we will see which he likes. Maybe we will want to compete in one or the other. He already has a 3 minute stay down, with only praise for a reward. He seems to be quite clever, and really coming out of his shell from the very timid dog he was when he came here to be fostered from SC. (Can we all say foster failure!!!)

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Barked: Thu May 23, '13 10:51pm PST 
This is a little late to the party, but my rescue dog, Muriel (australian cattle dog mix), is a top competitor in K9 Nose Work. She has earned her NW1, NW2, and two NW3 titles, as well as four element titles for NW3, she was also the original Harry Award winner which is an award given out at each NW1 level trial to the rescue dog & handler who show excellence & spirit in nose work and have exceptional teamwork. She has earned multiple top placements in trials, earning first place overall and first place in several element searches at her most recent NW3 trial. She will be competing at the NACSW National Invitational in less than two weeks - only 12 other teams were invited from all over the country.

Muriel has also competed in agility and earned Qs for the runs we entered (only two novice runs), but she loves nose work the most.

Rescue a dog, give her a chance, and watch her do great things!

You can see pictures of Muriel and read about some of our trial experiences at the K9 Nose Work Blog.

Happy Sniffing!


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Barked: Fri May 24, '13 9:00pm PST 
blue dog LOVE this!!! GO Muriel and Jeff!!!!!!

Hey can you provide the link (even if it's just in text format) to the blog you referenced? I'd love to read about your experiences and I'm sure many other Dogsters would, too!

Best luck at the upcoming Nationals!! Please let us know how it goes!!


Ember FDX

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Barked: Sat May 25, '13 7:25pm PST 
Ember was a rescue - Literally walked into my life and I kept her, no planning whatsoever. I started flyball classes to get her exercise after my 12 hour work day, figuring I would get the added benefit of sorely needed distraction work.

Our flyball team has some spectacular oddballs, including one of 3 Clumber Spaniels in the nation, a mini Dachshund, 2 Chihuahuas (although one can't compete on account of being too small to trigger the box)... It was a bit of a joke to get a Husky on the team, but no one seriously thought my incredibly reactive, fairly dog aggressive Siberian with no ball drive, who absolutely could not be off-leash, would ever actually play flyball.

But she liked it. She liked it so much, that she started making huge progress that transferred to the outside world. After a few 6 week class sessions, she was starting to go off-leash in the classroom, with other dogs on the sidelines. Her socializing started to improve. Things kept getting better, and she kept having fun, so I kept bringing her to class.

There were a lot of plateaus. Picking up a ball was a big one - but still, she was happy, so I kept at it. It was still a long time before I realistically thought she could compete - and even then, a lot of the time I was working toward it just for the hell of it, because the work to get there was good for us even if we didn't make it.

Last fall, in the last tournament of the year, we stuck her in as an alternate when the team was losing anyway. She needed the experience, and managed to earn her first few points. Our first tournament this spring, she shared a spot with another "green" dog and earned her Flyball Dog title. Next tournament, she held her own position and ran alternate for a senior dog on another of our teams and earned her Flyball Dog Excellent.

She's really still a "green" dog... Her times are all over the place and on the slow side. OTOH, we don't have a height dog to keep jump heights down right now, so she's been running 12". Our team doesn't compete often, as we all have busy lives outside of the sport... Plus there aren't that many tournaments close by. We'll be on the court again in July. Very much looking forward to it.

My Vance did run agility, but because of structural problems he could not handle competition heights for his size. We joined a "for fun" agility club and he ran against the toy dogs without speed in mind.

I'd like to compete with Fox, but I have not found a sport or activity that suits her yet. We've dabbled in agility but she tends to psych herself out and shut down easily. She abhors flyball. Obedience of any sort is really not her thing. We'll find something eventually...

Because I'm- Duncan, that's- why

Barked: Sat May 25, '13 10:04pm PST 

What a great story, Ember! It's interesting how her involvement in the sport turned out to help her in other ways too -- so profoundly! It sounds like an amazing journey you've had together -- so far. And with so much more yet to come! big grin

Thanks for sharing your story!!!!
Ember FDX

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Barked: Sun May 26, '13 10:21am PST 
Thanks! I've seen other rescues (and breeder-bought dogs with behavior problems) improve through sports, whether they end up competing or not. I think it really helps transfer education to real world situations. Instead of just practicing sit and down for 10 minutes in 3 sessions a day, you're actively working together in a safe but not entirely predictable situation.

It also goes back to the idea that working dogs need to work.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

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Barked: Sun May 26, '13 12:14pm PST 
That's awesome, Ember!

Just checking back in- Sarah earned her Starter Rally title and her Level 1 Games (Rally) title (both in C-WAGS) back in March. We finished 2nd in Starter and 1st in Games! We didn't finish her nosework title, she didn't care for it too much (odd coming from a beagle mix, right?!). She was perfectly happy finding food but didn't like finding the scents.

We stopped competing because the facility we were going to is closing due to medical/family needs. The trainer moved to a different facility and I don't like her enough to drive that far. I signed Sarah up for a trick class this summer and we'll look around at some other competition venues.

I have definitely noticed what you stated, Ember. Sarah's behavior has gotten so much better with other dogs since we got into competing, her crating is better, too. I had a lot of fun, too! I really liked having an external goal set for the two of us- kept us working and practicing!
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Barked: Sun May 26, '13 5:51pm PST 
Gus does agility, which she's very good at, but I'm not so good a trainer-handler, so we haven't gotten a Q yet. We got a novice title in Rally, but we're kind of stuck on the off leash part . . . . again, holes in my training! laugh out loud Eh, but she's my first dog as an adult, so I was supposed to screw her up, right? I think I was most proud of her getting her CGC, because it was my first accomplishment with her. In agility, we've only competed in NADAC, but she's registered to do AKC if we wanted.

Polly, the ACD I just took in from a neighbor has gone to two beginning agility classes, just practicing on the obstacles. She seems pretty confident with navigating her environment--she already tested my parents fence and jumped in the fish pond--today my roommate said she popped out his second story window onto the roof! eek No more open windows around this girl! laugh out loud

I think in the long run she may be more handler attentive by nature than Gus owing to her breed.

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Barked: Sun May 26, '13 6:01pm PST 
Tiller, if you are still looking for high-titled agility rescues, go to AKC's Canine Partners page and fish around, there is no shortage of good stuff on there; https://www.facebook.com/groups/384971289879/

Rescued/mixed breed dogs are all over the place in agility right now, there is one in particular named Roo! that won BOTH the AKC Invitational and AKC Nationals at his jump height. That is HUGE, AND, they also just won a spot on the World Team heading to Belgium at the end of July with another "Canine Partner" aka mutt. Lots of great stuff happening in agility for rescues/mixed breeds right now, too much to do any justice here for...

I have two rescues both of whom have titled extensively in agility. Forest, my first, was chosen as a pet, then I quickly realized he needed more to do!

Phineas, my younger dog was chosen (with the assistance of some divine intervention) specifically with agility in mind. He was just a 12 week old puppy when I got him, he'd been passed around after being purchased in a warehouse grocery (Costco) parking lot. I had no idea what his structure would turn out to be, but his mind and attitude was all there so I went for it. I could not have taken a better risk, he is shaping up to be a phenomenal agility dog.
Addie CL1- CL2 CL3 CL4- OAJ

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Barked: Mon May 27, '13 8:48am PST 
Addie is technically a rescue, we do agility smile Both AKC and CPE ( mostly CPE) and she's earned multiple titles already. I hope to eventually get her C-atch! smile
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