CKC finally gets it together about non-pure dogs!

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Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 8:58am PST 
Finally got my update from my zone rep, they've put a committee together to come back at the NEXT meeting with a plan on how to bring non-pure dogs into CKC sports.

I cried. Finally!! FINALLY!!!!

Will Work For- Food
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 3:06pm PST 
That's great news!! I'm sure there will be a big stink about it by some of the members, but I'm all for it. CKC needs to get with the times and be a voice for all dogs.

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Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 3:10pm PST 
Jewel! snoopy Does that mean you can keep Jettsen? wink

Maggie,- Tika, &- Porter

Aussie-tastic- Trio
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 8:36am PST 
That's fantastic!
Maci & Harley & Jigar

Golden butts
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 8:55am PST 
That will be excellant!

And yes, there will be people that will not be impressed. Gesh, there are still people still not impressed with rally.

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 8:57am PST 
cheer Agree with Bosley. In a time when so many wonderful mixed breed dogs need homes, it's just silly to alienate those who choose to adopt, and discourage rescue for those who want to participate in sports.

I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 11:51pm PST 
way to go
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 6:35am PST 
I'm very excited because this really opens things up for my next dog, I was having a lot of stress about spending so much money on a breeder dog when I wasn't sure how much competition I was going to be able to do.

Sorry Bunny but as far as I know Caro Rally is the only one that makes allowences for dogs with disabilities.