Baby dog earning his AX, AXJ and NF titles

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Koji and I had a great weekend at the Cascade Dachshund Club agility trial in Monroe, WA. The trial was hosted at the Skykomish River Park, the same location we started our AKC Agility adventure back in June this year - I entered Koji for his first ever AKC trial here with one Novice Jumper with Weaves run to see how he held up running Agility outdoors on grass. He did not Q (off course into the tunnel because I did not cue him early enough to take the jump), but he was focused and stayed with me like a good boy.

This is our 2nd time showing at this location. The weather is always a concern here because it seems to rain a lot in Monroe. The last time we were here, it was pouring with thunderstorms as we drove out (we only had 1 run and luckily when we ran, it was not raining). The weather for the most part this weekend was great. It rained some on Day 2 and I saw several dogs, handlers slip or even fell running on the wet grass. Also it was very foggy on Day 3 when we ran our Standard course in the morning.

Koji did great. We Q'd 5 of our 7 runs in 3 days. The 2 NQs were totally my fault for not remembering the courses.

He came away with 3 new titles - Agility Excellent (AX), Agility Excellent Jumper (AXJ) and Novice FAST (NF) and his first Q in Excellent B Standard and his very first MACH (Master Agility Champion) points and some placements.

Ribbons earned on Day 2

It has been a fun journey so far and I am grateful of all the support and friendship we have along the way.

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You're moving right along big grin Congratulations on your new titles!!

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Awesome !!!!!! Congratulations smile

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Yay baby dog!