County Fair 4-H Dog Show Results

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Faith Free- CGC

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Barked: Mon Aug 6, '12 7:14pm PST 
Yesterday we had our dog show and it was decent weather for it. It was 78 with little humidity. Unlike most Minnesota summers. But we were standing in a field with the sun so it got hot and Faith is a lack Great Dane so she gets old fast and she is 6 so she is slowing down a bit. We were entered in 5 classes this year: Sr. Open Showmanship(4 years doing it), Novice Obedience, Beginner Agility (2nd year doing it), Jumpers 1, and Pre-Advanced Rally.
In Showmanship, which was the first class we did, we got a blue. She was the first dog in line, as always. The judge wasn't clear on his instructions and even though I asked questions he still wasn't quite clear on them. He scared me though and I felt intimidated by him. As always I got asked bout Faith's nails because when she was rescued, her nails were super long and the quick or long so every week we cut them back to the quick but they are still a little long then what judge like. And I explained that to hi and he looked at him like he didn't believe me and I said to look at the nails they are at the quick. So when I thought we were all done, he asked how te dogs were doing 'cause it was getting hot. I said that Faith was getting hot and could tell 'cause her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. But he made us do another pattern. It wasn't our best. 
Next we had Beginner Agility. This is our 2nd year doing it and again we got a Red. And I do not blame Faith for this at all. We had to rush right from the showmanship ring to the agility ring with no break (they didnt allow me to). The course was an easy one and if Faith could have had a few second break to get a drink and cool down, she might have done better. The course was 3 jumps, a chute, table, A-frame, tunnel and 4 jumps all in like a U shape. The table and A-frame at this point had been sitting out in the sun for 4 or 5 hours and were gettin hot. Faith wouldn't lay on the table and took bout 5 tries for her to lay down. She would not go on the A-frame and we had to skip it which was a major fault. 
Then we had a Obedience. Ouch. This didn't go well. We got major faults 'cause faith wanted to lay in the shade during the down stay 'cause she was hot but she wasn't allowed to. Also she was lagging a bit 'cause she is getting old and she was tired. Not her fault. And apparently I can't say Faith, and do a hand signal. I've done that in other shows and never got marked off or told not to at practice. 
Then we had Pre-Advanced Rally. I didn't practice for this class and didn't know it was off leash so we winged it. But Faith did good except that she jumped over the small fence that was separating two rings. Oops but she didn't get points off for that. We got a blue in that. 
Then we had a good break. And then got to run Jumpers 1 at 20 inches. It was a simple course and Faith did great. I was proud of her. We got a blue in that one. 

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Barked: Tue Aug 7, '12 7:28am PST 
Congrats! Faith did great all things considered. cheer

I also have a large, black dog. Sometimes the glaring sun can be just too much...Sorry that equipment was too hot for her. Ouch, poor girl.