New to the site, and agility!

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The Duke

of Hazard
Barked: Tue Jul 24, '12 11:18am PST 
just wanted to say hello!
I have a 20 mo old Boxer who's been doing agility for a little under a year now (as have I) and LOVES it!
We have only been to a couple trials (ok one and a fun match) and haven't seen any other boxers.

I'm wondering if there is anyone here who has a Boxer doing agailty as well? and if so, how do they do??

Barked: Wed Jul 25, '12 10:59am PST 

I'm currently the proud owner of a 5 year old boxer boy, but we don't do much agility frown He has some dog issues(brought on by being attacked by a dog running loose when he was a puppy) so I've been working on him with that but yeah. We do however do some fun backyard agility and I would maybe one day like to get a couple trials out of him, but at the moment it's not a likely possibility. So we leave the trialing to his sister Abby(and his littler brudda Twister when he's old enough) and stick to the fun backyard crazies.

I have seen a couple boxers at trials though. The last one(and our first trial) there were two absolutely gorgeous boxers competing and there is a guy at the place where we train who owns and competes with his boxers(I also know a lot of people on different boxer forums who compete in agility).

But I definitely plan to own many more boxers in the future who will definitely be doing agility
The Duke

of Hazard
Barked: Wed Jul 25, '12 3:09pm PST 
Wow cool, that sounds like a fair number of us! Well I find backyard sillies are just as fun as trialing (if not MORE because there are way less distractions! laugh out loud )
I know my owner loves us boxers too and will deffinately own more, doing agility with all! happy dance

Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Wed Aug 1, '12 1:28pm PST 
Another agility Boxer junkie over here wave both Kashmir and Zoe did agility. Kashmir was my recent agility girl until some injuries made her not be able to compete anymore. But its good to see the Boxer breed out there competing. My next boxer will do agility and so on and so forth. cheer But it was funny when Kashmir did compete in agility in 4H with me. All the other kids had border collies, labs and goldens. So we were the odd breed out. She would whine and cry at the side lines and everybody would laugh because she was super excited.