agility after hip surgery

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Barked: Tue Jul 24, '12 9:31am PST 
I'm a huge dog sport person, and would love to give my newest dog a try in agility.

The problem is, he had FHO surgery last February and he is a big boy, about 65lbs. His recovering is going really well, but of course I don't want to risk injuring him.

I have seen dogs who have had this surgery do quite well in agility, but they are smaller. Prince is about 65lbs, definitely at the upper limits for the surgery and a good recovery. I was thinking about doing some foundation work with him and then next year trying a beginner level course. I would keep the jump height at just 6 or 10 inches, but of course I do not want to take risks if there is a chance of injury.

Does anyone else have experience with a dog who has had this surgery and gone on to do sports?

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waveHello Prince my furiendbig hug

thinkingthinkingthinkingI would think the seesaw could be a problem, it does give a big impact on touchdownfrown