How to sign up for trials?

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Barked: Tue May 15, '12 7:28am PST 
I feel stupid, I have no idea how to sign up Rufio to trials red face

I was told by our instructor that Rufio is way past due and should be competing by now in the novice level.
I was told to go to fasttimesagility.com click on club name and sign up. But I don't understand...do I just click on any club or only our club?
On that main page, what does "First Rec" mean? If it says "closed" does that mean that I can't sign up anymore?

Also for the courses: what are these like?
STD- must complete all obstacles but not timed?
JWW- I think this is just jumpers course right?
FAST- is this just jumps or all obstacles timed?
T2B- what is this?

I feel so dumb, but someone please explain this to me

red face
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I will try to help you as best I can as I am fairly new to the sport also. I'm assuming you would click on your club name. I believe that First Rec means that you run in the order the entries are received.

If it is closed you can't register for it.

Standard-numbered course that must be completed in order, does have a time limit. If 2 dogs have the same score, time breaks the tie.

JWW-Jumpers with weaves course. Also numbered and also timed.

FAST-Fifteen and Send time. Contains 15 obstacles that have different point values. No course order except for the send(distance work). Here's a good link that explains it better than AKC does (http://www.machdiva.com/fastclass.htm)

T2B-Time to Beat. Mainly jumps and weaves, but can contain contact obstacles. Timed course/Numbered course. Basically you want a clean run with the fastest time.

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You can sign up for a trial at whatever club that you want to. Once you get hooked, you might even want to start traveling a bit so you can get in more trials.

First received means that after the trial's opening date (stated on the premium), the trial secretary will process entries in the order that they're received in the mail. Once the trial has filled to its maximum number of entries (also stated on the premium) then any future entries will be placed onto a waitlist.

Alternately, many trials are filled by random draw. There's a set period of time for entries to be mailed in. On the draw date if there are more entries received than there is space in the trial, then a draw will take place to determine who makes it into the trial. Everyone else is placed onto a waitlist. If the maximum number of entries hasn't been reached then everyone makes it in, and entries will still be accepted until the trial's closing date or until the trial fills.

Standard - probably what you're running in class - a numbered course consisting of all obstacles - jumps, weaves (6 in novice, 12 in open and excellent), tunnels, chute, tire, contacts, table.

JWW - jumpers with weaves

Time 2 Beat - a numbered course that can use all obstacles except the dogwalk or table. Dogs of all levels run exactly the same course. The dog who runs the course the fastest within each jump height sets the time to beat and receives 10 points. Other dogs receive points based on how close their time was to the fastest dog.

Many people choose to enter only Standard and JWW since these are the only 2 classes that count towards the MACH title. Don't feel pressured to enter everything, especially when you're just getting started. Feel it out a bit and see what interests you the most.