What to ask about private agility lessons?

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Barked: Fri May 11, '12 1:44pm PST 
If you've read my other post you know that I'm having issues with the club I am training Shadow at. I'm looking into private lessons, but I have no idea what to ask them besides what experience they have, and what methods they use. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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Barked: Fri May 11, '12 2:03pm PST 
I would want to observe a group agility class (without my dog) before committing to a private lesson.

Not all trainers are equally capable, so I would want a chance to gauge the instructor's teaching ability, and how they handle the different dog and people personalities in the class.

I have found that I generally get more out of the group classes (vs. a private lesson) simply because one hour is just too long for both Rexy to be "on" and at our best, while the group classes force us to take lots of breaks. I also find that I learn a lot from watching the other pairs.

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