Video: Shiba Koji's Agility Fun Match Run

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Barked: Fri May 11, '12 8:10am PST 
Koji and I did an Agility Fun Match this past weekend after the regular trial runs were completed. I think we did pretty good as a baby/novice team. Both of us are new to the sports of Agility.

He is making good progress, but there are still a few things I want to work on before we go to a real trial.

This is a video of his Standard course run.

I am very happy with his start line sit stay. He followed my cues to take obstacles and change directions pretty well. He also did the weave poles nicely.

Things I would like to work on are 1) more consistent handling on my part, so there is no confusion for him, 2) his hesitation on the Teeter (he completed the requirements of the obstacle, but I do not like the pause at the pivot), 3) He hit the contact zone coming down the dog walk, but did not hold his 2 on 2 off position (again, he met the obstacle performance requirements set by AKC, but not our training criteria).

This is his second time doing a Fun Match and I don't think he was too distracted by all the new people and new dogs there. Koji is a good boy!

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