CPE in Canada

Running, catching, leaping; this is the forum to discuss dog sports and agility training with other active pups!

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Maggie NAC- WV-N TN-N- CTL-3 RE

Tunnel Suckin'
Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 9:09pm PST 
I personally love all the games - especially the handler planning ones!

Reading the rule book didn't really clarify the games for me - it was watching, hanging out, and helping out - especially watching the upper levels.

Colors is two mini courses and you choose one of the courses.

Wildcard is pretty easy as well - it was my first Q!

Jumpers is jumps and tunnels smile

Fullhouse, Snooker, and Jackpot are all handler games. I have never explained them well...but they were all pretty easy to get the gist of after watching.

But yes - no teeter or weaves in level one smile It was nice to get confidence up in a ring without having the stress of worrying about a difficult obstacle for my dog.

If you want I may be able to scan in some of my old courses and let you take a gander...the lower levels are usually a really nice flowy course (as they should be).

Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 9:33pm PST 
We got our first Q's in Colors and Wildcard and Huck is a whizz at Jackpot. Huck and I don't do as much CPE anymore, the higher levels are not as fun for him, he seems to prefer the NADAC courses and we have started to do more USDAA. I still take Callie and Wyatt to CPE though and we have a great timesmile
(Indie) CH- Herdabout- Tri N 4 I

Barked: Tue May 1, '12 8:55am PST 
That would be very helpful to see some courses smile

Seems I am planning on signing up for the trial at the end of May...just with Quin though...Indie is too young smile

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