Too young to bike?

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Barked: Sun Apr 15, '12 8:43pm PST 
How young is too young to bike? I don't want him to pull me, just walk/jog next to me. I don't plan on going far, maybe once or twice around the neighborhood, which is how far we walk anyway, but I'd like to do it faster when I don't have a lot of time and get him used to it and build up with time.
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Barked: Wed Apr 18, '12 9:09am PST 
Definitely too young. Keep in mind that you can't really go at walking speed if you're riding the bike. No matter how slow you go, it's always a fast speed walk or a jog for a dog, especially a puppy.

What you can do know is get the pup used to the bike. Walk with him next to the bike or sit on the seat but walk instead of pedal with him next to it, etc.

I'd wait until at least a year, if not a little more since biking is quite an activity. And as always, start slow and short to build up endurance.

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Barked: Wed Apr 18, '12 10:04am PST 
I wouldn't. Especially so if you'll be on man-made surfaces but even with natural surfaces I think it's too young.

We are waiting until my one dog is 18 months before we start, and only after his PennHIP and OFA prelims's for hips and elbows came back great. I'm paranoid that way though, the radiographs definitely not necessary but having one dog with terrible hips already, I don't want to risk anything with my other large dog.


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I don't condone any sort of "structured" running until after a year of age.

Letting Finn run around your yard or the park at his own pace, off-leash is great for him, but having the controlled run beside a bike, or the handler jogging can do damage to his growing bones/joints.

I like Sanka's suggestion of getting him used to the bike now. That way when he is old enough to run with it, you wont have a hassle with him tangling into the bike. smile