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Running, catching, leaping; this is the forum to discuss dog sports and agility training with other active pups!

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Gi Gi Gia
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '12 3:09pm PST 
I've been noticing next to some dogs names there are 'CD, RN, CGC, etc.' I see it primarily on the ones that post in this section of the forum. What do they stand for?
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '12 3:20pm PST 
Here ya go!
list of dog show/performance titles

Definitely a little confusing, since different orgs give different titles.

Gi Gi Gia
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '12 3:22pm PST 
Thanks so much Bruno, I've seen you all over these forums, so helpful!


Awesome Dog
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '12 5:28pm PST 
There's also

AKC Rally Titles:

RN (Rally Novice)
RA (Rally Advanced)
RE (Rally Excellent)
RAE (Rally Advanced/Excellent)

APDT Rally Titles
RL1 (Rally Level 1)
RL2 (Rally Level 2)
RL3 (Rally Level 3)
RL1X (Rally Level 1 Championship)
RL2X (Rally Level 2 Championship)
RL3X (Rally Level 3 Championship)
ARCH (APDT Rally Champion)
ARCHX (APDT Rally Champion Excellent)
ARCHEX (APDT Rally Champion Extraordinaire)
ARCHMX (APDT Master Rally Champion)
AoE (Award of Excellence)

AKC Lure Coursing
CA (Coursing Ability)
CAA (Coursing Ability Advanced)
CAX (Coursing Ability Excellent)

WCFO Musical Freestyle
W-FD (Beginner Title)
W-FDX (Novice Title)
W-FDM (Intermediate Title)
W-CHFD (Advanced Title)
W-CH.PDP (Champion Perfect Dance Partners)
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '12 6:08pm PST 
Thanks Risa, I think that page I linked is a little incomplete, they didn't have any Rally titles. Didn't notice the omission until after posting.

Juno, yeah, I'm all over the place here! Definitely a Dogster forums addict. wink

Awesome Dog
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '12 6:52pm PST 
Don't worry about it, Bruno. There are SO many acronyms and SO many different organizations out there. It's hard to find one location that can cover them all.

Not to mention new ones are being added too!

Barked: Fri Mar 23, '12 8:05pm PST 
Ha. It's really an endless list. The AKC also has some intermediate optional trialling obedience titles for the in-betweens of Novice, Open and Utility.

BN: Beginner Novice
GN: Graduate Novice
GO: Graduate open
VER: a Versatility class

IPO has replaced the Schutzhund (Sch) titles and the numbers are all the same. So SchIII = IPOIII

FRI-III Are French Ring titles
MRI-III Are Mondio Ring Titles
BR3-1 Are Belgian Ring Titles but the numbers are in reverse order.

There are also Dock Dog Titles and hound titles through UKC involving coonhunting etc.

Honestly I run across titles I have to look up regularly. There are soooo many dogsports and organizations it's hard to keep track. What makes it slightly easier is that by convention and for brevity you're only supposed to put the highest title of every event rather than every previous, so if I had Zephyr finished in Rally she'd be Zephyr RAE not Zephyr RN RA RE RAE.

Awesome Dog
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '12 4:21am PST 
There are also 2 other canine freestyle organizations. And I left the specifics (MF - Musical Freestyle and HTM - Heelwork to Music) off of the WCFO titles I listed. I also didn't list brace, sassy senior, handi dandi, pairs, or groups titles. Nor did I list the puppy or veteran titles for APDT.

As Zeph said, there are SO many titles and organizations! Too many to keep track of all the titles. wink

Gi Gi Gia
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '12 7:44am PST 
Wow someone should start an alphabetical Acronym list somewhere safe, haha who am I kidding, who has that much time to dedicate to this massive list! Thanks for all the help I'm taking notes slowly but surely.
Maggie NAC- WV-N TN-N- CTL-3 RE

Tunnel Suckin'
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '12 11:35am PST 
And then there are all the other agility (CPE, NADAC, UKI, UKC, USDAA, etc...) organizations and Asca titles in Rally...lots of letters every where lol!
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