What is your opinion on the "doggie treadmill" for under walked, hyperactive, and obese dogs?

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Hello everyone! smile

My dog, Brooklyn, is about 50 pounds. She is a 10 month old, American Pit Bull Terrier and maybe a mix. She is at a healthy weight. I can see the outlining of her ribs but there is enough fat and muscle on them. I want her to be fit and in shape. I try to walk her regularly. I feed her Pedigree Puppy Chow. One in awhile, I give her some samples of healthful supplements and vitamins. I don't buy the supplements regularly because they don't seem to be that necessary. I can have a healthy dog by feeding her a nutritious, wholesome diet and providing her with plenty of regular exercise. I don't walk her as much as I wish I could especially in the winter. I hate the cold and I think Brooklyn does too. She has little fur so I worry if she is cold. I came across a treadmill for dogs online. I did some research and it seemed like a good idea. With small walks daily and some time on the treadmill, my dog can get in top shape. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Have you ever heard any experiences or have any personal ones of a dog who uses a treadmill to exercise? Do you have any tips on teaching a dog to walk on a treadmill? Will my dog like the exercise? What are the benefits and risks?

Thank you, in advance, for any suggestions. smile

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First, I'd suggest you go into the food forum and educate yourself on what a nutritious, wholesome diet really is. Pedigree Puppy is one of the lowest rated foods on the market. There is a thread over that breaks everything down. So are you confused by dog food

Second, as long as they are properly supervised treadmills are great tools. We use them as part of intense conditioning workouts that start roughly 8 weeks before our dog shows as well as a regular form of exercise in our rotation when the weather is too wet or hot. I've always used regular human treadmills. I've seen people attach 2X4s to make guide rails and a bar across the top.

As for starting a dog, I go slow. Let them check it out while it is off then while on. With just a bit of positive reinforcement you can generally get them up on it. Mine all know what "Hop on", "Get Ready", and "Walk" mean as well as cues for speeding up, slowing down, getting off.

Since your pup is less than a year old, I'd strongly suggest nothing more than a brisk walk or slow lope (if she has that sort of pacing). You don't want her having joint issues later. It's like everything else, you have to slowly build up the amount of time and the pacing. You also have to keep in mind that it isn't a replacement for real walks and it is not mentally stimulating for the animal. If cold weather is a huge issue, I'd suggest looking into a coat or sweater and maybe some boots.