Sledding, Weight Pulling, and Carting

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Barked: Wed Feb 22, '12 4:53pm PST 
So, I'm really wanting to have Lobo do something. I was looking a lot at weight pulling, and for a while, it seemed like that was what I really wanted for Lobo.

But now, I'm not really sure. I mean, obviously, I want him to pull something. He does thoroughly enjoy it. When my brother was younger, we'd put Lobo in a harness and have him pull my brother around on this little wagon with wheels. Both of them had a lot of fun, and I could see Lobo really enjoyed it.

We live in Texas, so obviously, sledding's out. My dad wants to move to Alaska, though, so I would still look into getting him a harness and getting him used to it. But until then, the closest thing I could find to sledding was carting and drafting.

Really just wondering about any major differences I should know about(besides the obvious ones).
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Barked: Wed Feb 22, '12 5:44pm PST 
Actually the closest thing to sledding is probably dog scootering. Unlike in drafting, the dog moves at a trot or run and isn't pulling significant weight (which is more like sledding.)And with the scooter, the person is being pulled by the dog (not walking alongside as in drafting) and they're standing, not sitting, which is more like being on a sled.

Drafting is more about strength, mushing (including urban mushing with a bike, scooter, or skates) is more about speed. You need good control in either activity. You don't want a really excited dog in drafting, you want calm power. In mushing, excitement is good as long as you don't lose control.

You also use a sledding harness for scootering, where in drafting you have to use a draft harness (that accommodates the wagon shafts.)

If you're on a budget and want to do a dry-land pulling sport, bikejoring is probably the easiest to get into, since almost everyone already owns a bike, all you have to get is the harness, tow line, and bike attachment (which can add up, yes, but it's less than a carting set-up!). On the other hand, if you're handy with tools (or can get someone to do it for you) you can make a pretty good dog cart out of spare parts like a garden wagon or jogging stroller and some creativity.

Just depends on what you think would suit you and Lobo better.

"Stubborn" dogs- don't need- corrections
Barked: Wed Feb 22, '12 6:11pm PST 
You know, I don't know why I never thought about dog scootering.

Funny you should mention the bike... I don't own a bike. laugh out loud I'm one of those few people who doesn't own a bike. I always preferred walking. Which is funny, since I'm not athletic - at all.

And Lobo won't ever be pulling me. If he's pulling anyone, it would probably be my brother. I think, if I learned some more about it, dog scootering might be something we'd look into, and I could just jog alongside Lobo with my brother in the scooter. I would love to get another Husky - or Akita - but that would be very dumb on my part. laugh out loud

I don't know. A part of me just wants to do it all. laugh out loud This summer, I also wanna put him and Poppy into a low-impact agility course. Oh, money, if you weren't always needed...

I'm just super excited to be able to get Lobo into doing something. He's been overweight, so I didn't wanna work him too hard so he didn't hurt himself, but he's finally at a really nice weight. Still a couple pounds heavier than I'd like, but physically... GOSH he looks beautiful. dancing A great tuck, beautiful waist, and you can see the muscles under his pretty coat. Man, I love having a great looking dog. laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Ah, sorry. But I'm sure you know what I mean, yeah? Bruno is a handsome boy, too. ^^

Anyways. As for what would suit us both... I don't know. I'm thinking more and more drafting or carting, since, even though I am legitimately interested in dog sledding, I don't actually want Lobo to pull me. I'd feel so... lazy(even though I am lazy...).

I feel like I'm bouncing around topics. I'm just... happy today. Being outside all day really makes you feel awesome!