Help me with registered names!!!

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Shiloh ITD

Barked: Thu Feb 2, '12 11:17am PST 
(Wasn't sure where to post this…. since it has something to do with agility…..)

So, from what I've heard, when you register with the USDAA, you must give your dog a registered name. (?)

I really have no ideas for a registered name for Shiloh! Any ideas!? I'm not sure what it is supposed to be like either. I absolutely don't know a thing about registered names!


More Bored- Collies
Barked: Thu Feb 2, '12 12:26pm PST 
As far as I know, you just put the registered name of the dog, if he is registered with a KC already.
If not I'd assume you just fill in the "call name" area and that's it thinking

I may be wrong though, I haven't gotten Rig in agility yet and Cobain is registered.
Remington's- Saturday- Night Spe

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Barked: Thu Feb 2, '12 1:01pm PST 
You can use your name, like: Sharon's Shiloh. Or your last name: Stone's Shiloh. You can use a funny name: Shiloh's Got Game. Pretty much anything will do as long as it doesn't go over the character length.

Remi's AKC, but it's not much different. His registered name is: Remington's Saturday Night Special.

Bruno CGC

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Barked: Thu Feb 2, '12 1:10pm PST 
In German Shepherds, the registered name is usually something short and sweet, corresponding with the litter letter (the first litter the breeder produces are all A-names, the second B-names, etc) combined with the kennel name of the breeder. Titles are added on as the dog achieves them. Examples:
Dino vom Schaferliesel (call name Dino, bred by Schaferliesel)
Goldi du Chenil Belge (Call name Goldi, bred by Chenil Belge)

Some American show kennels use longer names, that don't include the dog's call name, such as Sonoma's Man'O'War Timberline (you'd never guess his call name is "Finnegan" from that registered name, bred by Sonoma, owned by Timberline, or possibly co-owned by both kennels, I'm not sure of the specifics.)

But since Shiloh is a shelter dog and you don't know her breeding, and presumably don't have your own kennel name, it might be a bit presumptuous to give her a fancy name.

It looks like USDAA doesn't really care about that anyhow, all their Hall of Fame listings only use the dog's call name, plus their owner's name.

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Barked: Thu Feb 2, '12 3:23pm PST 
If she doesn't have a registered name already, you can make one up. smile That's what I did for Risa. She's registered as Dancing Cavy's Pain in the Butte. (Dancing Cavy Productions is my art studio name and Risa came from Butte, MT.)

Some people prefer not to make an 'official' name and simply use the dog's name (though if another dog is already registered with that name, the registering body will put a number after it).

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Shiloh ITD

Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 10:02am PST 
I had 2 ideas. They are kinda weird, but….

"May the force be with you"

"The force is strong with this one"

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Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 11:00am PST 
Those aren't weird, those are great ideas! They might go over the character limit though, so for some tightened-up ideas you might try:

Strong Force
Force Is Strong
Force Be With You

You get the idea. It just depends what fits on the form.

Force Push or maybe Force Shield would be pretty cool too. wink