New AKC Rally Regs Are Out

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Awesome Dog
Barked: Sat Dec 17, '11 7:34am PST 
Effective April 1, 2012, there will be quite a few changes in AKC Rally. 2012 AKC Rally Regulations DRAFT

New signs (some of which remind me of APDT signs). No more "air cookies" or signs of luring. Stricter guidelines. I must say I am happy to see it. Even more thrilled to see the Honor Exercise gone. Maybe an RE isn't impossible after all. . .

Though we certainly have more training to do if I were to consider going for an RE. Especially with the addition of new signs that we've never trained for.

What's everyone else's thoughts on the changes?
Deerwood's- Larson Bravo- Zulu

Carpe Diem
Barked: Sat Dec 17, '11 1:52pm PST 
I like the changes that are coming. I've always like the way APDT does their rally and it's not as "easy" as a lot of people think it is. I'm glad the air cookies are going away...heel with your dog, don't try to bribe them around the ring.

Barked: Sat Dec 17, '11 6:40pm PST 
Air cookies as in pretending you have something in a closed fist? Was that not already cheating? It seems sort of against the spirit of the competition. Seems reasonable to me and a much more standardized scoring system if luring had previously been allowed. confused

The rules come into effect just after our first fun trial so that should be interesting. We're really messing with the BH right now but I suppose I should start making sure I understand what the new stuff will mean.

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Ch. Opal - BN, RE, CGC

this is the good- life
Barked: Sat Dec 17, '11 7:29pm PST 
I am not sure I like the new excellence exercises it looks like for a shar pei to title in excellence went from unlikely to impossible
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Sat Dec 17, '11 8:39pm PST 

I like AKC rally because is is FUN. Unlike what APDT rally has been described like here and traditional obedience. The more they try to make it like obedience...the less fun it will be.

Awesome Dog
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 5:59am PST 
Yes, Zephyr. Pretending you had food in your hand and leading your dog around the ring was previously acceptable in AKC. Fortunately, come April, it will no longer be allowed.

See, I still think rally is fun even with the new signs added. No, it shouldn't be as difficult as AKC obedience and it's still not. You can still encourage your dog, praise, and even give multiple commands (as long as you're not pleading with your dog to comply). It's been my experience that AKC rally is too easy, though. I'm seeing things pass that shouldn't and I am definitely including myself in that grouping. I like the idea of tightening up the rules. I think some of the additional signs are unnecessary (like halt-turn left-forward). But some of them add another dimension to the sport.

I'm not sure if we're going to move beyond the Advanced level in AKC anyway. But, with the removal of the Honor Exercise, we could. With Ris' fear of other dogs, there is no way I was going to attempt the Honor Exercise with her. If a dog broke and came over to her. . .it could ruin her show career.

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The Monster
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 6:13am PST 
For some reason I can't access their site right now.

For advanced/excellent courses, how much verbal encouragement is allowed? What about repeated commands?

I've really let Rally fall by the wayside over the last year and would like to get back into it.

Awesome Dog
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 4:03pm PST 
You can still clap/pat in Advanced. Not in Excellent. Verbal encouragement is allowed in all levels. There is still no limit on the number of re-cues. I think there should be.
Holly - CGC TDI

Squirrel?- Squrirrel!- SQUIRRELLLLL!!!!
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 6:06pm PST 
I'm with B&D. I like Rally and am going to compete in it because it's fun, a really simple, fun thing to do with Holly. If I wanted to be doing intense competition I'd do Obedience. Guess we'll just have to aim to get our RN before April...
Delta and- Doc

The Spots Are In- The House!
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 7:33pm PST 
I don't think any of these things make RN harder. Unless you need to do air cookies. All of the new signs really are fun to learn and do. And no honor is great!
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